Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy birthday to me

Well, today is my birthday, the big 44...L had told me that she was going to have both public and private gifts for me, which I was very intrigued by. With the exception of the ball gag I made her buy on a recent trip, she has never contributed to my box of tricks.

Last night after I got off work and was in bed with L, she asked me to open the private gift then. We were just about to start a session, so I presumed what she had to give me was for that. It was 11:45...15 minutes until midnight and my *actual* birthday.

So I opened my gift, which was in a long narrow box wrapped in blue wrapping paper. My only clue from L was that they were "really wicked" and "top sellers."

She did very well.

Here is the first gift, an exceptionally thin fiberglass cane that sounds damn near frightening when you whip it in the air. But it sounded even better lashing across L's ass.

This one is my favorite. A flogger with pointed metal tips. Leaves nice little welts.

I spent about half an hour on L, trying them out (results in the photo above), along with a pair of nipple clamps (photo tomorrow). Both devices were far better than any other spanking instrument, and both were/ L said...wicked. And even better, they are both relatively quiet, so can be used without worrying about young ears hearing us. Which is good, because we were starting to break the plastic coat hangers...

I suppose it's hard to tell who the present was for, because L did not exactly shy away from them being used, and was a total puddle when all was said and done.

I love my presents. I love my sub.  She's on her way home from work now to continue the birthday celebration.

Oh, and I have to say that though I am going to enjoy using both of these on her time and time again, ultimately, my favorite item to spank her with of all time is the one below.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Those are amazing...the metal tips look vicious. WOW.

    Enjoy your new toys!


  2. Happy Birthday!! What fantastic gifts; would you share if they were purchased online and from where, or is that a secret?
    Hope the rest of your day is great with a wonderful and exciting year ahead.

  3. I did order online and will have to check from where and let you know....was shipped and at my door within two days and we live in the middle of no where. I ordered the top sellers figuring they would work and now want to go look at everything!! I told S the metal tips were like being hit with a small bag filled with little tiny oranges (don't ask me why, that is just how I would imagine that would feel).