Tuesday, February 19, 2013


L and I had a great three day weekend together, a much needed break from the trials and tribulations of day to day life. It has been some time since we were able to enjoy some time to ourselves, free from children, and a chance to continue the exploration of our relationship. Push limits. Tear down boundaries. Etc.

After spending the afternoon at a local hot springs, we checked into a hotel room for the night. Hotel rooms offer so many new avenues for exploration, ranging from the bed itself (King sized compared to our Queen at home), pieces of furniture to fuck on, doors to be tied to. I had a particular scenario in mind that I wanted to play out with L, and tonight was going to be our night to do it.

We checked in around 8p.m., and upon entering our room, were more than ready to devour each other after our trip to the hot springs. I told L that it would start at 10p.m. exactly, and she pushed to find out what "it" was exactly was, but I told her to be patient. She would soon find out.

We spent an hour or so on the bed, becoming more and more aroused as we surfed through YouPorn looking for videos containing BDSM. Around 9:30 I realized if we stayed in the room much longer, I would have a hard time containing myself prior to "it" beginning, so we decided to go down to soak in the hot tub downstairs. Prior to doing that, as L was putting on her swimsuit, I had her bend over the bed where I buried my rock hard cock deep inside of her, and just let it rest there for a minute, throbbing.

"You'll get more of that later," I said, withdrawing it quickly, then attempting to adjust it in such a way that it wouldn't be noticeable under my swim trunks. Not an easy endeavor.

To our dismay, the hotel hot tub had people in it, and we weren't really eager to mingle with others, so we stayed in for only a few minutes before going back upstairs. L change from her swimsuit to a new change of clothing I had instructed her to bring, the specific instructions being that she needs to wear something that she doesn't mind getting ruined. Including bra and panties.


"What am I supposed to do at 10p.m." L asked.

"Go sit in the chair over there," I said, pointing to the chair next to the desk.


L walked over and sat in the desk chair, and in her typical somewhat sassy self, spun around in it like a little kid. I went over to the suitcase and pulled out the box of tricks, and dimmed all of the lights in the room.

I went over and tied L's hands behind the chair, then her feet to the legs of the chair, and finally, using a t-shirt of mine, blindfolded her. Opening up my laptop, I cued up "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails and turned it up.

"I want you to just sit here and listen to the song," I said. "I will be here."

After about two minutes into the song, and unable to hear me, a small it of panic set in for L. "Are you here?" she said, her voice shaking. "Where are you?"

I went over and sat next to her and caressed her cheek. "I'm here," I said. "Do you trust me?"

"I trust you," she replied.

The song ended, and segued into Ravel's "Bolero."

It was time to begin.

Taking a pair of scissors I had brought, I walked over to her and ran the cold blades of the scissors along her neck and down her back, which she responded to with shudders that ran through her entire body. I opened and closed the scissors next to her ears, so she knew what I had in my hands.

Then I started, first with the shoulders of her blouse, cutting away on either side so her shirt dropped down a bit. I walked away, sat down on the bed and looked at her, then stood back up and went back in. 

Snip, snip. I cut away at her shirt, a piece here, a piece there. I cut across the front of her bra, and when her breasts were fully exposed, I slapped at them with my hand. Snip, snip, and holes were appearing in her yoga pants, and as skin was exposed, I would strike at it with my hands. As I cut away at her panties, with each piece I tossed it back at her, at her face, at her tits.

"What piece of music is this?" I asked her, about halfway in.

"I don't know," she whimpered. "Is it Beethoven?"

"No," I said. "It's Bolero by Ravel." And I continued working away on my project.

About 10 minutes later I asked her again what the piece was.

"Oh God, I can't remember," I said. "I can't think properly."

"It's Ravel by Bolero," I said again, and striked at her with the flogger I had now nearby, for her failure to properly identify the piece..

Eventually my captive was fully undressed, surrounded by a small pile of cut up clothes. Picking the flogger back up, I started lashing away at her, at her tits and legs. She squirmed in the chair, fighting against the restraints. To add to the experience, and to help with her soaking pussy, I took a dildo we typically use for anal play and shoved it deep inside of her.

My playing with her as she was tied to the chair would have lasted much longer, but reality (as it often does) set in, and she begged that she had to go pee. I untied her from the chair and with my hand squeezing her neck, guided her into the bathroom and sat her down on the toilet, where I made her suck on me while she pissed. At the end of her pissing, I thrust a hand underneath her, feeling the last drops of piss as I rubbed at her clit.

Grabbing the back of her neck again, I forced her over to the door of our room and had her face it, and tied her hands to the hinging system at the top of the door. Taking the flogger, I began lashing away at her back, with a nice, rhythmic pattern. Red stripes began to appear across her back, and between the sounds of the flogger striking her and her moans, I had to wonder what anyone wandering by was thinking.

I was beyond rock hard by then and in between flogging, I pressed my cock against the crack of her ass. It was more than time to fuck her by then, so I removed the restraints from her and guided her over to the bed and threw her down, face first. I slid into her from behind, and after getting permission from me, she came, and came hard. My own orgasm quickly followed, and I unloaded what seemed like an endless amount of cum into her soaking wet pussy. 

I'm glossing over the actual fucking part of the experience, because, one, it didn't last long, and two, it was not what the whole session was all about. I saw what we did that night as being one of the bigger tests of L since we started this relationship, and I am pleased to say she passed with flying colors. I wanted to push her, with no pushing back.

It takes a tremendous amount of trust for a woman to give that type of control to a man, and L gave that to me without question, without hesitation. She knew with unwavering confidence that she was going to be ok with me, and as she said after the experience, she certainly felt owned. 

For me, it was a very euphoric experience. The sight of her in that chair, fully restrained, pieces of clothing hanging off of her, was pretty damn arousing. Here is this woman that I love, and I will do with her as I please. Yes, there was something animalistic about it that I enjoyed, but mixed in with it equally was the incredible passion I had for her.

There was a lot more that happened over the weekend, new experiences, new discoveries, that I will write about later. 


  1. We had a similar weekend, of trust and pushing, but your words here express the experience much better than I was able to write on my own. From the sub POV, some of the words were difficult to find to describe where Dave took me. The connection between Dom and sub deepens much after a time like this. And only when one feels it for themselves, lives it, do they know and understand. I am happy for L, for where you took her this weekend. I am sure it is never far from her thoughts right now. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to your other posts about this.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I read your posting and thought you described your experience quite well.

  2. This is something I want to do...
    Will share this with my dom
    Thank you for sharing your experience