Sunday, May 17, 2015

"P is for "Possibilities"

From May 12, 2015


Yup, no way you saw that happen.

Oh, I could have gone with "perfect" I suppose, as I know how much you enjoy that word, but that would be too easy, and not EVERYTHING is perfect. Many things are. Some things still need work. That being said, I enjoyed last night. Fulfills my visual fixation quite nicely, to go from watching me be in your mouth to taking out at the very last second (and it was at the very last second) and coating you in the manner that I did. 

"P" is for "Possibilities" because of the nature of our D/s relationship and all of the possible things I can do to you, just because I can.

Could I come home right now, order you in the bedroom, have you drop to your knees, take my cock out of my pants, suck it to hardness, and then fuck your mouth until I erupt down your throat, then call you a good girl and head back to work.

Yes, it is possible.

Could I arrange a meeting between us and an anonymous man and have him help me treat you like a total whore by filling one hole while I fill the other, passing you back and forth between us like you are object for our pleasure?

Yes, it is possible.

Could I take you out to a secluded spot in the woods, tie you to a tree, and whip away at your ass and back with a willow branch, then fuck you hard from behind...essentially raping you?

Yes, it is possible.

Could I have you kneel in the shower each and every night so I could relieve myself on you, spraying you down with my hot piss, marking my territory?

Yes, it is possible.

Could I slap you and choke you, flog you and abuse you, whenever I like? Could I grab you by the hair hard, pull you into my face, and say "You belong to me, slut."

Yes, it is possible.

Could I love you forever and ever, nurture you and care for you, hold you and tend to your needs, from now until forever?

It is more than possible.

That one,

I love you very much.


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