Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"I" is for "Intimacy"

From May 1, 2015:


For starters, there are not that many "I" words when it comes down to it.

But this one works very nicely.

We have, for so long now, had a very intimate connection between us, often times, and more often than not, at a very intense level (that was my other choice for "I" words, btw)

We have varying degrees of intimacy between us, all special in their own way. There is intimacy in the purest sense, the kind that happens between a man and a woman who love each other without question. There is the intimacy that connects us when we hold hands while driving down the road, through the special gifts and surprises that we give each other, through those amazing deep, long kisses that we do not do nearly enough, and even through the silence, when we are just lying in bed watching TV. All of those things, intimate in their own way.

It is because of that level of intimacy that allows us to experience the intimacy at the other level; at a level when romance is replaced with rawness, and my whisperings of sweet nothings make way for stern remarks of what a cock-sucking slut you are; hands that hold and caress become hands that slap and twist and spank; and gentle love making is out of the question when what is needed is forceful fucking.

All of those things, the gentle and the hard, the sweetness and the harshness, are woven together into one intimate package that defines and molds us, S and L, Sir and pet, into a relationship that defies definition and is about as close to perfect in so many ways...because it is so unique to us, and us alone.

I love you very much.


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