Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"J" is for "Just Because"

From May 4, 2015:


Three years ago today..this evening, signed a contract giving yourself to me. I put a collar around your neck, attached a leash to it, and we proceeded to have mind-blowing sex with a rawness I had never experienced on my couch in my house up in the woods.

Why did we take that big step in our relationship that day?

Just because it was needed.

Since then, the journey of S and L began (there is a blog on it, you should read it sometime) and it was one fuck of a rollercoaster ride for quite some time there, and there were days that were wonderful, and there were days that weren't so wonderful, and through the darkness and the bad times, we climbed back out, found each other again..found us  again..and kept going and going.

Just because we, together, was what was needed.

I will be coming home to you at lunchtime, and will do those things to you that I enjoy doing so much. I will remind you of what you agreed to when you did sign that contract. We will use this special day, this three-year anniversary, to bring it all back home; me reminding you of my Dominance over your and you showing me..reminding me...why you live to please me and that the place you want to be on this earth more than any other place is kneeled and collared before me, ready to give your body, cunt and ass to me, to use as I wish, you dripping every slap of the way.

Just because, that is the way it is.

I also give to you, on this day, a reaffirmation of my never faltering love and devotion for you, and that celebrating three years in this relationship pales in comparison to the number of years it will continue.

Just because, well, you know...I love you very much.

Happy anniversary pet. Thank you for giving yourself to me.


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