Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"K" is for "Kneeling"

From May 4, 2015:


This might have been one of the more obvious ones, though "Kinky" was up there as well.

But kneeling...such a big part of what we do, such a wonderfully submissive act that does so much for me, especially when it is coming from your true submissive self; that you are doing it not because I tell you, but because you WANT to...because you desire to present yourself to me, to kneel before me, slave before her Master, pet before her Sir...that you want to demonstrate in one of the most physical ways possible (well, there are many, aren't there?) that you are owned by me.

It certainly works for me, gets a stir out of me especially those moments where I am not expecting it; when I come in the bedroom and there you are, naked, collared, and kneeled before me. And I come in and grab the back of your hair and pull you up, and you are oh so conveniently staring directly at my crotch; and like the good little girl you take me out and suck on me and look up, making eye kneeled whore pleasing her Master in one of the best ways you know how.

It was why I had you kneel before I left the house this morning, and why I want to bring it back on a more regular basis. 

I feed off of your submission.

Kneeling. It is where you belong, at my feet, my large hand on your head, comforting you, letting you know that though you are owned, you are without question, deeply loved.


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