Thursday, May 7, 2015

"M" is for "Masturbation"

From May 7,  2015


I love the fact that you masturbate in front of me.

It is quite the turn on, of course. How could it not be? Even when I am not watching you and we are just lying in bed together, and you are touching yourself after asking permission (of course). It could be there, in the dark, and I am aware of your movements...your hand, under the covers, between your legs, on your pussy...whether it be using the moisture from your mouth or your own wetness to do so...rubbing circles around your clit, the sound of your breathing getting heavier, your motions getting faster, and those lovely sounds you make when you come, especially when you come hard.

I think listening and feeling the motion, sight unseen, is just as arousing as actually watching...but being the visual man I am, I, of course, enjoy watching as well. You spread out before me, cunt spread open, being able to see your wetness, watch your hand stimulating yourself...your eyes closed, your hips slightly is a beautiful thing to watch, and I love you for it, not for the act itself but for how comfortable you are around me sexually to do those things...and many more.

I don't masturbate hardly at all anymore. When we are apart. Why do I need to? I have you to take care of my needs. That being said, I enjoy doing it in front of you as well. I like you watching me. I like being before you, stroking myself while you watch. Wanting you to watch. Wanting you to want what I have in my hands, craving each inch of it, wanting it in your mouth...your cunt. And me not giving it to you, continuing to stroke it, until I need that amazing sensation that only your tight, wet cunt can offer.

That being said.

Finishing off on you is quite enjoyable as well. You pressing your tits together, your body a perfect canvas to spray with my hot cum. 

I like to watch you masturbate, and I like you to watch me masturbate.

"M" is for "Masturbation" and it is the word of the day. It is also the act of the day, and I expect you to do it before I come home. There is a Hitachi plugged in to my side of the bed. Find yourself a comfortable position, think of whatever you want to think of that makes you aroused, and use the Hitachi on yourself. Keep your panties on and shove the head of the Hitachi up against your pussy. Turn it on. 

Come for me.

And then keep going and come one more time.

I am sure you can do it.

Whatever panties you use while doing this, present them to me when I get home. I suspect you will get them quite wet...maybe even gush into them...and I want to inhale your aroma off of them after work.

Thus concludes your memo of the day.

They can't all be love and roses. Because sometimes I just want to treat you like a slut.


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