Friday, March 29, 2013

The beauty of it all

I love this picture. This defines, in many ways, how a true D/s relationship can be such a damn beautiful thing. It really isn't about what the Dom can take or what the Dom has the power to take, but, rather, it is about what the sub wants to give. And what she wants to give is herself..body, mind heart, and soul; tits, ass and cunt -- she wants to give that all to another to own and control, possess and have, with a degree of trust that is so intense it is fucking electrifying.

This is what it is about, right there.

I have been working off and on with a fellow Dom who is a newcomer to the scene who has been seeking my advice on some things, and the other day we both commented on how incredibly lucky we were to have what we have.

And we are.

We are damn lucky.

I know when my pet presents herself to me in a submissive manner, head down, resting on my lap, hands behind her back, to do as I please, I am being given an incredible gift. But it is a gift that comes with a great deal of responsibility. Just as intense as the trust a sub has with her Dom is the level of responsibility that the Dom has with that trust. We have to be so mindful of our actions and our words. What we as Doms do cannot be taken lightly, cannot be done just when we feel like it, cannot be phoned in. This is the major league. Step up to the plate and do it right or don't step up at all. A woman has given her complete self to you. Do it right.

I am finally coming to terms and better understanding the responsibility I have, and still making mistakes along the way. But I like to think the mistakes are few and far between as of late. L offered her perspective in her post below on the journey she has witnessed me taking as her Master, and I concur with what she says. I do feel it now more than ever, feel Masterful, and now, more than ever, I want do this the right way and step to the plate and swing that bat stronger than ever, because, goddamit, this beautiful woman has given herself to me, and I owe it to her to do this right.

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  1. Great introspection. Thanks for your post.