Monday, February 3, 2014


From time to time I will see posted in the kinky blogosphere postings from subs or Doms reflecting on whether or not certain sexual activities are "less-Dom" than others. The big one always seems to be when a sub rides her Dom, and by virtue of the fact that in that position she is the one on top, does that constitute as a "non-Dom" sexual position?

I tend not to worry about such things. For me, having L ride me is one of my favorite sexual positions, especially when I am tired. Why should I have to do all of the work to bring out my orgasm when I have a lovely little fucktoy to do it for me? It's a great position both physically and visually. And my pet knows how to move. Does it for me all the time. From the very beginning when she positions herself over me, my cock hard and erect and pointing up straight at her, throbbing...ready for her to lower herself down. She lowers, and my cock disappears deep inside of her, and then she starts moving, hands squeezing breasts, raising my hips up slightly. She picks up the tempo, riding me hard now, room is filled with the sounds of fucking and wetness, of moans and groans, and since she is a good pet, she can tell when I am about to come, and she rides even harder and then I explode deep inside of her while she milks out every last drop of me, then rolls over off of me, tired, as I run out of her, down her thigh and onto the sheets. Those sheets that should probably be changed every night.

Sub on top. Dom on top. Sub in a box. Dom in a box. Do you like green eggs and ham? None of this matters, what matters is what pleases the Dom.

With that...ride away sweet subs. Ride away.


  1. Very well said! If the Dom likes it, why not?

  2. My Master totally agrees with you! There are all kinds of things he can do from there. Slapping, spanking, breath play- endless fun while I ride. It hits me really well too inside.

    1. Tell your Master I's good to be king!

  3. As a Dom myself, I quite enjoy having my sub on top.

  4. Post more often :)