Wednesday, February 26, 2014

She was gone eight days.

My beloved pet came home this afternoon. I met her at the airport with a half dozen roses and welcomed her into my arms in front of baggage claim with a fully embracing hug and a deep kiss. She loved the flowers. "I've never gotten flowers at the airport before," she said. But then again, her relationship with me...and mine with her....has been full of firsts, left and right.

She was only gone eight days. We wondered how long it would take after she got home before we would find ourselves in bed. Surprisingly, we showed some restraint. Not a lot. She had bought me some new clothes that she wanted to show me so we did that. But it wasn't long after that that the bedroom door was locked and she had taken me out of my pants, and then into her mouth, and it was, in a word EXQUISITE. Warm, wet mouth, lips wrapped around my hardness as she sucked on me. I was still fully dressed, shirt and tie on from work.

I have great will power, but she was gone eight days. We quickly moved on to what we both needed, what we said was going to happen as soon as she got home. Her pants were pulled down. Mine just enough. Shirt and tie still on. I'm on top. I'm pushing inside of her, aching to penetrate the cunt that I own, and she, in her usual insatiable desires that so draw me to her, was pushing up against me, wanting that connection. Needing. Craving.

I forced myself insider her. She was gone eight days. She tightened up a little over those eight days. She said, ahead of time, it would most likely not take her long to come, and that had let to a conversation of whether or not i could make her come without any penetration, just by having my cock in front of her, using my words.

We will try that sometime, but this was not the time. She was gone eight days. She was right. It did not take her long to come. 30 seconds, I believe. I saw no reason to continue having will power. She was gone eight days. I came quickly afterwards, a nonstop series of eruptions filling her up as she fucked back against me.

It probably only lasted a minute for both of us, but we both got what we needed, at that moment, at that time. It was mid-afternoon.  We just needed....THAT.

She has already gone to sleep for the night, fell asleep early as she had been traveling since early that morning. She was told that other things were going to happen tonight, with the fucking out of the way, it was time to be reunited with the cane and flogger, to be collared and leashed. But she's fast asleep and exhausted, and I just might let her continue sleeping. Maybe the cane and flogger will have to wait until tomorrow night.


She was gone eight days.

But we will be together forever.


  1. Yes, you miss each other but eight days is such a short time when you think about being together forever. And tell us about how you used the cane and flogger to welcome her back.


  2. Reunions are so exciting ! D often leaves for Long periods of time and when he returns the excitement overwhelmed us.. He's getting ready to leave for ugh six weeks...:( can't wait to see how things go next for you and L. Please let her know she inspires me ...s

  3. Anorher great blog entery. You are like myself a man who is not afrade to show fellings. I know a lor of mwn who need to read and learn from you! Respect to you and L

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the naughty bits ache to be used! Glad you didn't make her wait too long after you got her home :)

  5. What a lovely reunion! I will be going on a trip later this year and will be gone for 2 weeks. I don't think I've ever been away from Daddy for that long and while I'm looking forward to the trip I have to say I'm looking forward to the reunion just as much!