Monday, February 17, 2014

Sub's choice

It would be easy to say that subs have no choice in their D/s relationship but that is far from the truth. Not that I ever thought that, but L summarized it up quite nicely the other night from the comfort of our hotel room bed after a session. "You have no choice," I said to her. Or something along those lines.

"I choose to not have a choice," she said. Or something along those lines. (I knew I should have written it down at the time!)

Even it is paraphrased, that is pretty damn accurate. True sub's willingly give themselves to their Dom, they happily and without hesitation kneel before their Dom, hands stretched out before her, head down -- her entire body saying "I am yours, Sir."

I. Am. Yours.

She does this because she chooses to do so. She makes a not have a choice.

A powerful choice indeed.

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