Sunday, February 23, 2014

Revisiting the cunt

Three things L and I cannot completely agree on, though, in all three instances, they can happen if I say they are to happen:

1. L taking it up the ass, which I have blogged about here and here
2. L swallowing, which I have blogged about here and she has commented on here
3. L saying the word "cunt", which both of us talked about here.

Despite her completely whorish ways with me, L seems to prefer to refer to our anatomy as "doodle" and "hoohah" which I find somewhat offensive. She will sometimes throw out a "pussy" from time to time when it comes to describing her deliciousness.

For me, it's all about "cunt" and "cock." L has a wet, tight cunt that I own, I have a hard, throbbing cock that is used to fuck said cunt. Those words perfectly describe our respective parts. I should know. I am a words man. L was drawn to me because of words, so there is some irony that two of my favorite words are ones that Ms. Goodie Two Shoes tries to avoid, even when she is on her knees begging to have my aforementioned cock stuffed inside of her aforementioned cunt.

Cock. Cunt. Cock. Cunt. Cock. Cunt. Fuck. Throb. Wet. Come. Come. Come. Cum.

Maybe in my next life I will be a writer of erotica. L says I should, but then again, she gets all blushy when I pull out the hard core ammo. She gets all blushy, but underneath her panties, I think my use of such choice words makes her cunt tingle. Makes her want to spread it open. For a cock. For my cock. In her cunt.

That's all I've got.

p.s. Night six of no L in bed next to me. When she returns in three nights, I am going to fuck that cunt I own into tomorrow.


  1. I find your dynamics with L so strong yet 1,2 is something she dislikes .. #3 it's a word but I get where you come from with it.. Thank you for always sharing and being so honest your blog defiantly helps us from time to time :)
    ~ s

    1. L and i both thank you for the comment in regards to the strength of our dynamics. When it is in full force, it is very, very good. Enough energy emits from us we could power a small town.

  2. Maybe you can train her to say: Fuck my cunt with your cunt. Maybe a requirement before she gets fucked.


  3. I had issues with the word cunt, cumslut and cumwhore, I do have to admit that deep in me it was a turn on but I found it offensive at first although I knew how my Master was using them (not in any offensive way)
    After using such words in my writing, with his patience, incorporating them in my every day language has made them just that, words with the definition my Owner has for it
    Cunt - my Owners delight and pleasure, His gem
    His Cumslut/Cumwhore - Masters girl who cums on command for Him as soon as she is told by him, who loves to cum for him all the time and ready for his command and demands any time of the day.

    and I do like Sirs' FD suggestion *grins*


  4. There is something about that word. I hate it, yet when I hear it used in the right way - I do get a certain kind of feeling. It's a love/hate kind of thing I guess.