Sunday, February 23, 2014

Something's missing here...

Sunday morning, and I am awake much earlier than I typically am on a Sunday morning. I am up at a Monday morning time, but what can I say...I woke up, realized I was not going to be able to go back to sleep, so went out, got my cup of coffee, and crawled back into bed with my laptop.

Every thing now. Something is not right. Something is missing.

What can it be...what can it be...

(glances to his left at the vast empty space in the bed next to him)

Oh, yes. SHE is missing.

Just made it through my fifth night with L not in bed next to me as she is out of state for work and for a small vacation. Three more sleeps! and she will return.

In the meantime, we stay connected. Lots of sexting, emails, a few phone calls. I control her while she is gone, she is to inform me of her whereabouts at all time and start every morning with "Good morning Sir" and end the evening with "Good night Sir." She has a hard time, sometimes, with regular checkins as she is used to being quite independent when she travels and approaches those trips with a devil may care attitude, but not so this time because the devil (me) DOES care.


It is Sunday morning and I am awake much earlier than I typically am on a Sunday morning, and I have my laptop, my coffee, and CNN headline news on, and there is this vast empty space in the bed next to me that I wish weren't empty at all. I wish that vast empty space was occupied by my pet, her collar still on from the night before (she is required to wear her collar all night) and that I could reach over and grab that collar, and wake her up, and guide her over to me, guide her over to my cock to take me in her mouth like in this picture here. ---------->

In my last posting I wrote about how I enjoy squeezing L's throat, controlling her breathing. But the truth is, her absence is akin to having my oxygen taken away from me, so at times, when she is not in this bed next to me, I, too, have a hard time being able to


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