Monday, February 25, 2013

And now, some words from L...

Writing Assignment: Describe some of my thoughts from this weekend, main focus being on how Saturday night made me feel and last night's pussy slapping session, which I clearly enjoyed (S's words of course).
For starters this writing assignment was given to me last Wednesday and I did not complete it.  I was in a bad place and had to leave town the next day and was very nervous and stressed.  I talked to S about it and said that if I was forced to write about it right now, it wouldn't be any good.  Of course, he never forgets and I was tasked with it today.  So much has happened since then that I am not even sure how well I will do now.
Saturday was our Valentines Day (night).  We started out with pedicures, then the hot springs, then a hotel room for the night (no children!!!).  I was instructed to wear something I wouldn't mind getting ruined.  I had a lovely, lacy (uncomfortable as all hell) bra and pantie set that I had bought in Paris that was perfect for the occasion.  Things started out mildly enough with me being tied in the chair......then the strangest thing happened...and I am not sure if this is normal or not and haven't had the chance to see if it is on any blog or website....but the rest is hazy.  I read S's blog about how he put something inside me (I do remember having to pee but not sucking on him while peeing), I do remember being tied up standing and him using his flogger.....but that's about it.  I couldn't begin to tell you how long he did it or even what we did afterwards.  As to how it made me feel......very very submissive.  Pretty sure I could/did take a lot as I was waaay way off in lala land.  Best Valentines Day ever.
Pussy Slapping..........never thought those two words should ever be put together, until now.  I am still in shock over how close I got to going over the edge from it.  S started off slow, carefully slapping me on the outside, with only a few fingers (he has the longest fingers...ever) and slowly increasing the impact, slowly opened my legs more, slowly opening me up more.  Slowly I was arching my back to get it closer to him.  He started to smack harder, I made little yelps now and then and instinctively closed my legs only to be forced open again and slapped harder for doing so.  It was a lesson in submission, sensation and pleased S (which I live for!). 
I am finding out new things about S and myself daily and he is really taking me to new levels (and I him I suspect).  The time apart was very different this time (if you are a follower, you know we have struggled in the past with me leaving and coming back and us almost having to start over.....and also why the trips are needed).  We missed each other like mad this time.  I believe S said I was his oxygen at one point (so love him) and this trip was a good one for us and only brought us closer. 

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  1. L, thank you for sharing this here. It is good for me when I get to read about events from both perspectives. When I read it helps me to know that what I feel is normal. And I do want to let you know that what you felt that night in the chair is normal.

    I've felt that way also at times when Dave and I are together. The trust I have in him is such that I can leave myself, let my mind go away and know he is there for me, taking me to places where I find a peace so deep that I cannot recall everything which took place, nor can I explain where I was or exactly how it felt. Only that it is a place I want to go back.

    Dave and I laughed about this yesterday while we discussed a recent time when I went deep like this (I believe this is what is called subspace). I love the feel of the crop. Dave doesn't always use it. The last time he did however I was already gone in my mind and afterward when he was putting things away I saw him putting away the crop. I mentioned to him about it being out and he told me he used it. "What!" I said, "I missed the crop?" We laughed about it but I was genuinely upset that I'd missed the feel of it on me on a conscious level. I'm sure his use of it probably drove me deeper, but I felt like I'd missed out on it.
    If this describes what you meant above, then it's one of the things I look forward to the most. The more we get opportunity to connect like this and play out these type of scenes with each other the more trust that is built between us and the deeper the connection. And yes, we have felt that connection carry over to our day to day and just help us move more in sync with each other; and unfortunate make the time we are separated so empty.

    I'm excited for the both of you. As one who has experienced what you both seem to be describing, it is something which mere words cannot fully describe. It is something I realize we would never have experienced if we had not stepped into this life we now live. I am truly thankful beyond words for where Dave and I have gone, and it sounds like this is where you both have found also.