Tuesday, February 5, 2013


There are numerous issues – gun control, abortion, gay marriage, global warming – that divide our nation, but one that rarely gets any attention is where we stand on the word “cunt.” I am, of course, being glib, but it is interesting where in a world where nothing seems to be taboo anymore, there exists this one word that for some, is so unspeakable that the best they can muster up is saying “the C word.”

I realize that there is a negative context surrounding the word, and when used under the guise of name-calling, it is quite ugly. But when it comes to labeling female anatomy, there is no better word in my book. And I have a lot of words in my book.

I want to fuck your cunt.

I want to taste your cunt.

This cunt belongs to me.

Do you want my cock in your wet cunt?

See, it just….works. Perhaps it is the taboo nature of the word, but it just packs a sexual power punch. The hardness of the word itself, beginning when that “c” rolls off of the tongue and ending just as soon as it began with that “t” that can just be drawn out for a bit more.

Say it with me. Don’t be shy.


The other day I had one of my most intense orgasms in quite some time. I was on top of L, fucking her, and when I came, her cunt muscles went into overdrive, and as one of my orgasms subsided, her oh so tight squeezing of my cock, the milking of my shaft, caused that orgasm to lead right into another and continued for much longer than I expected. I tend to come a lot, “copiously” as we like to say, but this…this was ridiculous.

I love L’s cunt, it is my kryptonite, weakens me at the knees, arouses passion and desire in me like nothing else. Last night as we lie in bed together, I rested my hand over her cunt, cupping it like a bird, feeling the heat radiate off of it. I fingered inside her. I circled her clit with my thumb. I spanked it, spreading her lips open just enough. After awhile, I could not resist the urge to replace hand with mouth, and I was down below her, forcing her legs apart and going in…where I tantalized her by nipping at her inner thighs as close to her cunt as I could without touching it. She began begging, even spreading her cunt apart with her hands, an open invitation, a plea for pleasure. I went in, but lightly blew on her cunt first, sending shivers up her spine. A dart with a tongue here. Another one there. Kisses to the clit. Driving her mad. Then my mouth was completely on her cunt, my tongue flickering away at her clit, and within seconds she was begging for permission to come, and I granted her permission as her wetness coated my mouth, and I savored her taste. Savored her smell.

Of her cunt.

Of the cunt that I own.


  1. I adore the word cunt. In fact it is my favourite word to describe that part of a woman's anatomy. If I do not use cunt I say vagina. I have no issue with either of them and do not feel it is a negative word to say.
    Beautiful. Powerful. Erotic. Feminine.
    Say it out oud, feel the letter "c" pull your lips up and your jaw down.
    Say it outloud and feel the letter "t" bring your teeth together in strong, aggressive click.

    A fantastic word indeed.

  2. I myself don't get why women hate the word. I absolutely love it!!!

    cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt

  3. Have to comment...I got a little squirmy in the seat reading this post! I used to be a squeemish girl with the word..now, since embracing this 'little' in me, it has become the sexually charged and perfect word just as you describe.

    All I can end with is...Lucky L!

    1. Thank you little, I will let L comment on her "luckiness"!

    2. Here is L's response:

      I am very lucky. Lucky to have found someone who cares about me sooo much (and curls my toes), lucky to have found someone I want to please sooo much, lucky to have found someone I can spend unlimited time with and still want more....just plain lucky for once in my life.

      As for the word, I am on the fence. The lady part of me finds it offensive and vulgar and yes, I still say the C word. Now there are two different ways of using "the word". To call someone that is just wrong (although it fits sometimes, I just could never use it) but to call a certain body part "the word" is not so bad. What is bad is that the certain body part which is considered quite lovely, would be associated with something awful. So yeah, the four little letters pack a lot of meaning. Some good, some bad. I love S's words and that is what attracted him to me from the beginning (then I saw what he was packing of course...whew) and his use of "the word" I find enjoyable. My "C word" belongs to him.

  4. I couldn't agree more! I think it's a great word in the right context. I wish I could hear it more often! :-)

    1. Thank you. Read the blog on a regular basis, you will see it plenty times here!

  5. Isn't that picture just fantastically hot? I have to admit that I'm a recently converted fan of the word cunt. My Master calls me cunt sometimes, referring to all of me, not just the hole. I used to not like it at all, thinking it a horrible dirty word, but he's brought me round to seeing it as a great thing. Hot, wet, fun, pleasing feelings... all come from the cunt. How could that be a bad thing?

  6. Way back in the early days of Facebook when it was a bit more wild and untamed (anyone remember Naughty Friends?) a woman invited me to sex chat her via the FB email/chat function. We got into some very steamy back n forth, telling each other what we were going to do to each other, until... I used the word 'cunt' instead of 'pussy'. She went ballistic, and totally went off at me.
    We'd been having a very nice xxxx rated conversation but using the word cunt was crossing the line apparently (a line she'd never mentioned).
    That's when I learnt some people online could be psycho.