Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fuck Toy Friday, revisited

The rest of Fuck Toy Friday (see posting below) went, in my opinion, quite well. The best way to summarize is that I took things up....a notch or two.

Throughout the day I texted L different commands...asking her to squeeze and twist her nipples while at her desk, to go in the bathroom and put a finger inside of her. The commands were sporadic, and they were expected to be responded to immediately.

A little after lunchtime I sent L the following email:

Once off work go to Barnes and Noble. Go to the poetry section. Take the book "The Last Night of the Earth Poem" by Bukowski off of the shelf. Turn to page 118 and read the poem "Peace." Take the paper inside the book home with you.

A quick side note here as to the significance of Charles Bukwoski. On our first date three years ago, L mentioned to me something along the lines of reading Bukowski, which really took me by surprise, as I rarely came across any Bukowksi fans, let alone, female Bukowski fans. To this day we joke that she had me at Bukowski....

After work, L did as instructed and found the aforementioned book and read the poem "Peace." I had inserted the following poem into the book, that I had written earlier in the store's coffee shop on small sketch paper that I had just bought.

You are nothing but a
fuck toy
to me.

Reach inside your panties
and touch
a cunt
that I own.

Put a hand under your shirt
and squeeze
a nipple
that belongs to me

Sit down in a chair
on an ass
that is mine
to beat and fuck.

Nothing on you
belongs to you
but that is the price you pay
for the pleasure
of being my fuck toy.

Look in the mirror
and all that looks
back at you
is a fuck toy.

Say it now:
"I am Sir's fuck toy."
"I am Sir's fuck toy."

Say those words
with a mouth
that crave to be wrapped
around my cock
as I grab your hair and
fuck your face.

You are nothing but a 
fuck toy to me.
A place to deposit my cum
wherever I want.

But what I don't understand
is if you are nothing but a
fuck toy to me...

Then why am I
so mad
with desire
for you?

L then went home to an empty house as I had to work that night. However, she had instructions on what she was supposed to do once she got there, as outlined in an another email I had sent earlier in the day.

Assignment #2 will be waiting for you when you get home. There will be a note on your side of the bed with two specific tasks you are required to do. I don't know if you will care for either one of them that much, but as a fuck toy, you have no say in these matters.

Upon arriving home L found a manila envelope on her side of the bed which included a note along with a face paint crayon and a pair of her panties. She was instructed to wear the panties, which were still wet from me masturbating into them prior to my leaving for work. The second instruction was for her to write the word's "Sir's cunt" on her belly and text me the photo at some point during the evening. (That rather delicious photo is the one up above)

I got off work several hours later, and came home to a pet feeling very submissive and very owned, and after a day of tantalizing and teasing, was more than ready for the bedroom where an extensive flogging session took place followed by fucking. 

It was a good Fuck Toy Friday.

Can't wait for the next one.

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  1. Oh wow, that sounds like a lovely day! I'm completely jealous. :-)