Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Topping from the bottom

One of the matters we have been working on in our relationship is L's tendency to top from the bottom while in bed. This matter, combined with bossiness in other areas, is in someways a "hold over" from how things used to be before she became a collared and leased possession of mine.

It's interesting, because though it has not been that long we have been doing this, I don't remember what our sex was like prior to it. It was always good and satisfying, granted, but in terms of details of what constituted a typical evening in bed, my mind draws a blank.

It would be safe to say though that L was typically the aggressor and had no problems letting me know when she was ready to get it on and what she wanted to do. That trait is still there, and as she told me via text the other day, she is used to getting what she wants in bed.

How she behaves in bed nowadays is quite different than how she used to behave before, but she can't help to try and control the situation so she gets what she wants. In most cases, she wants instant penetration. Like so many subs out there, she is quite impatient. She is not one for prolonged foreplay, nor because of her ability to get wet by merely touching her is it necessary. This works our quite nicely when all is needed is a quickie, such as her stopping by home during lunchtime to bend over the bed for me.

I enjoy making her wait. Making her beg, and holding out simply for the sake of holding out, to teach her a lesson, to let her know that pets don't always get what they want right away. Granted, this is challenging for me, because most of the time, I want exactly what she wants. Would jumping immediately to fucking and release be pleasing to me? Sure. But making her wait, and drawing the whole experience out, is much more pleasurable for me.

But sometimes I give in. Sometimes I let her wiggle under my body, begging to suck on me, and let her do just that. Sometimes when she asks me to scoot over to the edge of the bed so she can ride me with one foot on the floor, I let her do just that. Sometimes what she is suggesting and wanting to control is perfectly fine for me. So I let the situation happen.

She's aware she has the control.

We both agree that that has to stop, that while it is fine for her to offer up suggestions, how the evening takes place needs to be at my guidance and command.

We worked through some of that this weekend. The other morning we were lying in bed, and L was wanting morning sex something bad, but I was wanting something more.

"Suck my cock," I said. "Now."

I think my directive surprised her, so there was a second of hesitation before I grabbed her by the back of her hair and forced her down on me. I guided her actions, lifting her up by the hair and shoving her back down on me. A couple of times she tried to pull away, to let me know she wanted to move on, but she didn't have a choice, I kept fucking away at her mouth.

Here's a thing about L, and not sure if I have mentioned it before. She absolutely hates having to swallow, to have me come in her mouth. It's a quantity issue more than it is quality. So I am kind to her in that regard. I rarely do it, even though it is something that I enjoy. I find myself more often saving her the mouthful and pulling out and jerking off on her, which is even more enjoyable because it fulfills my visual desire.

When I was forcing her to suck on me the other morning, I wanted to take it all the way, to come deep inside of her mouth while I held her head tight down on me. To make her suck and swallow every last drop, and have her go back to her side of the bed.

But like I said, I am a kind Sir. To a fault, at times.

We ended up fucking. Of course.

With me on top.

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