Friday, February 1, 2013

What does it mean? How does it feel?

What does it mean, how does it feel, to have a woman you love present herself to you in the manner depicted in this picture? So hard to explain to someone who isn't into "all of this" or simply views it as nothing more than sexual pleasure, the knowledge that she will do anything and everything sexually that you ask of her. Sex is a large component of it, true, but there are numerous factors that surround the sexuality that are essential to making it work. There are many men out there who should never be given the type of power that a sub gives a Dom, who are incapable of using it properly, and the end result would be soul-wrenching agony for the sub in question.

This is a very sexual and arousing picture, but when I see this, a myriad of other words pop up as well. Trust. Faith. Ownership. Love. Need. Want.

When L is in this position with me, I am flooded with a wave of feelings and emotions that sweep through my entire body, from the stirring of my cock to the beating of my heart to the thoughts that circle through my mind. My god, I think. The extent to which this woman before me, my love of life, trusts me and desires to please me, is incredible. In some ways, it is a feeling that describes description.

To some extent, it also has to do with the nature of L's personality, talked about may times in this blog. Bold and brassy, she is far from submissive in her day to day life in her interactions with her co-workers, her children, her friends. I am the silent and reserved one. That we have this dynamic between us that only we know about, that exits in the world that we call Ours, makes it all the more special. Can friends and family tell that she serves at my pleasure, that we have created this universe for us? No, they can't, nor do they need to. What matter is what we know. Carrying this out beyond the bedroom proves to be challenging at times, but we both know it is there. We can be at a social interaction, and I know that all I have to do is give her The Look to remind her of her place.

What does it mean, how does it feel?

I am still trying to figure a lot of that out. We are still trying to figure a lot of that. We are far from perfect, but making it work, learning from our mistakes and celebrating our successes.

What does it mean, how does it feel?

It means and feels....everything.

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  1. This is a wonderful post. I'm glad that I found yor blog.