Friday, February 1, 2013

"Go away..."

I've posted before about how one of L's daily tasks (a list that is pretty short and rather kind) is to text me when she arrives to work and when she leaves work every day. Since that posting, she has faltered a couple of times, and each time always offered up some excuse, which infuriarted me even more. As I have explained to her, I don't want excuses from her. I want her apology, we deal with the infraction, and we move on. Besides, her excuse is a flimsy one, usually centering around how she was too busy.

One night last week I had her bring her phone to bed and I timed her how long it would take to remove the phone from her purse, turn it on, type the words "Here sir" and hit send. Total amount of time: 12 seconds. The lesson being, no matter how busy she was, she could easily take 12 seconds to abide by her rules.

Yesterday morning she forgot again, and this time, she had no excuse. She was quite honest, said she wasn't busy or anything, and offered what seemed to be a rather flippant apology.

As no other punishments seemed to come close to working, it was time to go in a different direction.



"I will always let Sir know of my whereabouts."

Write this 150 times. Neatly.

Due by bedtime. You will kneel before me on the bedroom floor and
present me with your work. You will keep your head down and will not
make eye contact with me. You will not talk. Once I have inspected
your work you will be allowed to lift your head up and make eye

You also need to take a bath and shave before this takes place.

I'm irritated.



Yes Sir. I will try and do better. I was irritated with myself today.

L worked on the assignment throughout the day and early evening and after we had finally taken care of all of the family business and settled into bed for the night, I asked her to show me some work. She got out of bed and went over to my side of the bed and kneeled on the floor as instructed, head down, and held out her hands with her sheets of paper in them. I stood in front of her, took the papers from her, and reached up into the closet behind the box of tricks and took out my favorite instrument --- the riding crop.

I stood there in silence, going through all 150 of her entries, checking to make sure everything was spelled correctly and neatly. As I read, I lightly struck her with the riding crop --- along her face, on her shoulder, running it down her back and along the crack of her ass. It almost became a metronome, as I would gently smack it on her face in between reading each, SMACK, read SMACK...all this time she remained in her submissive position, completely knelt before me, silent except for the occasional moan.

After going through and checking for spelling and neatness, I went back another time to count them. From the first page, I counted 17 entries. There were seven full pages, and one page 2/3 written.

I did the math.

17 x 7 = 119.

The partial page had 14 entries.

119 + 14 = 133.

The assignment was for 150.


"Something is amiss here," I said quietly. "You are short."

"No!" she said, getting up before I had instructed her to. "Let me check my purse, I might have left a page in there." She got her purse out and rummage to it, then finding nothing, started looking for another blank piece of paper. "Let me finish it," she said.

"It doesn't work that way," I said. "The assignment required you to hand it to me complete, written 150 times."

And then I was on the bed with her, and I grabbed her hands and forced them behind her back. I had already gotten a couple of my neck ties in preparation for the evening, and using one of them, I tightly bound her hands behind her back, her face shoved into the blankets.

"We have to make up for the 17 missing ones," I said, picking the riding crop up off of the bed. 

I've used the riding crop on her before, but the problem is, it's so damn loud. Makes a slapping sound that seems to echo through the entire house. She needed to be punished, but it needed to be quiet.

The metal rod of the crop was perfect.

I started off gently at first, pressing the metal rod against her ass so she could get a sense of what it was going to feel like. I pulled the tip of it back, letting it spring back so the rod struck against her backside. It was quiet, but very effective, as a delicious red welt appeared almost immediately on her ass.

She whimpered in pain. "That hurts a lot," she said. "Please....."

"Please what?" I asked, as I did it again. "You know this has to happen."

The strikes fell harder, and I counted off the 17 she received. They affected her like no other implement I had used on her before, in part (as we discussed later that night) she did not get a chance to get into it and find her sub space so it was a pleasant experience. But my reasoning was that giving her that opportunity would be akin to a punishment. As a punishment, it needed to be immediate. It needed to have impact.

She needed to remember.

With five swats left, the tears began, which has only happened a couple of other times before. She was sobbing for it to be over, so I finished her off, the last one being the hardest one. Putting the riding crop away, I rubbed her wounds and kissed her backside to smooth her.

"Go away," she sobbed.

I know her better than she knows herself, and knew that me going away was the last thing she wanted. To double check, I placed my hand underneath her to inspect her pussy, which, to no big no surprise, was soaking wet. Even more so than usual. I ran a finger in between her folds and then inside her. Taking the finger out, I ran it along her mouth.

"This doesn't tell me to go away," I said. "Quite the contrary."

Grabbing one of the other neckties I had on the bed, I tied up her feet together then attached it to the tie that had bound her hands together, so she was completely restrained. I got off the bed and went over to her and knelt down so my face was next to hers, and I stroked her hair.

"Do you really want me to go away?" I asked her. "Because I can. I can just leave you like this."

"No sir," she said, "Please don't"

I stoop up so that my crotch was at her eye level, removed my belt and pulled my pants down, and presented her with my cock, which was more than ready for her attention. I forced it in her mouth and grabbed the back of her head so I could face fuck her. Her restraints posed some challenges, so I untied her and threw the ties down on her floor so she could give me better head. 

After a little bit of that, I flipped her over on the bed on her back and got on the bed with her, spreading her legs apart with my knees and lifting her ass closer to mine. "Time for you to get fucked, fuck toy," I told her, as I hovered over her, stroking myself. 

"Please...yes," she moaned. "Please fuck me hard...."

I thrust inside of her without hesitation, and within seconds of being inside her she begged permission to come. I pulled back out.

"Not just yet," I said.

Then I slammed back inside her again...hard...and her whole body convulsed from the impact. "Oh god, please let me come!" she begged.

"You can come," I said.

And no second had I said that did she come, and hard to, as I continued pounding inside of her, every inch deep inside, my balls smacking against her. Her orgasm was intense, and as it subsided, I flipped her over so I could fuck her from behind, her face smashed into the pillows as I raised one leg up so I could pound even harder and deeper, her cries from taking my size muffled by the pillows. She had a second orgasm, and the mine came also, and with a roar, I erupted inside of her, filling her up with even more of my hot cum than usual.

We collapsed on our sides of the bed, breathing hard, hands touching each other. We didn't say much at first...the whole experience for both of us was one of the more intense ones that we have had in awhile. We talked about what we both experienced, how it felt, my reiterating how what happened tonight truly had to be a punishment in order for her to be more obedient.

She texted me promptly from work this morning. Managed to find the 12 seconds to do what she was told.

We shall see what next week and beyond brings.

The taming continues.


  1. A hard head makes a soft ass as my Dom says.

  2. Halfway through reading your blog
    I know this is an old entry
    But wow...
    Was ur punishment effective?