Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"A" is for "Adoration"

I've decided that over the course of the next 26 days my daily memos to my pet are going to be centered around the alphabet, with each posting centered around a word using the letter of the day.

I have no idea how many memos I have sent to L since we entered our D/s relationship over three years ago, how many emails we have exchanged..but it is well into the thousands.

I doubt that I will ever run out of things to say to her.

But this approach gives me a good creative challenge, and gives her something to look forward to more so than usual.

"A" is for "Adoration"

Of course I considered using "Anal" for "A" but that is not how I wanted to start this; would rather choose a word that more properly defines us and my feelings for you. "Anal" would have gone down the path of some fairly sexually explicit writing, and I know that that offends your prudish nature.


But "Adoration" is very applicable, because I certainly do adore you and pretty much everything about you, from the sexual to the non-sexual, and, essentially, the very essence that is you and all of your quirks and nuances. 

I adore your silly words, you happy food dance, your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty, your submissiveness, your kind heart, your strong spirit.

I adore you because you are mine.

I adore your cunt and everything about it -- the way it looks, tastes and smells. The way it {grips} and {squeezes} me when I am inside of you, the way it milks out of me the most intense of orgasms. I do not know why I do not spend more time between your legs, tasting and eating up the cunt that I adore. It is one of my favorite places to be.

I adore you in dresses..the shorter the better...those fan-fucking-tastic legs of yours exposed. I adore you in matching lingerie, in your thongs..

I adore you in nothing at all. Completely naked and in front of me, a canvas and fucktoy for me to enjoy as I wish.

I adore you because I love you with all of my heart, and you love me with all of yours, and in this big bad world, that is all that really matters.


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  1. Wow this is BEAUTIFUL. I can't even speak now lol