Thursday, April 30, 2015

"E" is for "Equal"

From April 27, 2015:


Despite the dynamics of our relationship, I have always, from day one, viewed you as being my equal.

I think that a true D/s relationship should be that way. I might do certain things to you, mainly in the bedroom, of course, that don't make it appear as if you are an equal. Calling you a slut, a fucktoy, doing all of those things to you that make it appear as if I have all of the power in the relationship. Shoving my cock deep down your throat, fucking your face...the beating. All of the beating!

From the outsider's perspective, that doesn't necessarily shout "equal", does it? That there would be times when you kneel before me in the shower, looking up at me, your face inches from my cock as I let loose a stream of hot piss that covers your face and your tits, marking my territory, enjoying the feeling of degrading you and treating you like an object.

(Long overdue for that again.)

Where, one might ask, is the equality in that?

You bring to this relationship strengths that I do not necessarily have and that I rely on. We give and take from each other, rely on each other, feast off of each other. You are there for me to lean on as much as I am here for you to lean on. 

I do not think I am any better than you, or that you any less than me. 

You are my equal, in every way possible.

That being said.

I still think of you as being my fucktoy, as being my slut, an object to abuse; a cum depository, a whore to share with others, to cater to my needs, domestically and sexually. In  a house void of children, I have no doubt you would be my slave, and you would be spending a considerable amount more time wearing a collar and little else; that I would happily use you in many other ways, as a piece of furniture, a toilet, and many other things.

So many things.

But with each one of them, underneath it all, you would always remain my absolute equal, and through all of it, my reasons for doing those things would always be driven by absolute love and adoration for you.


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