Thursday, April 30, 2015

"C" is for "Collared"

From April 23, 2015:


Almost three years ago I collared you for the very first time.

The night before the collaring ceremony you had sent me the following email. You had went out with your friends and I think we had both looked at that night as being your last night of freedom, of sorts.

I absolutely cannot wait for you to collar me. I plan on being the best for you and will try my best not to screw up....and if I do....which I will...and be punished as I should....I know you will only be doing it out of love and in my/our best interest.

Three years later, and you are still wearing the same collar, and the significance means just as much to us now as it did then. I do look forward to it every night, enjoy putting it around your neck and giving it a tight little pull. I like the way you look in it. Especially when it is the only thing you are wearing. My only complaint about it is that it gets in the way of choking you sometimes.

I don't think we realized back then what a turning point in our relationship that would be..on that evening of May 4, 2012. How it would so solidly define our relationship and how it would keep us afloat during times when we were in danger of sinking.

I love you in your collar. It means a lot to me. It is a physical reminder that you are owned by me.

That being said, three years is time for a new one.

And as much as it means to me, it pales in comparison to what it will mean to me when I slide your wedding ring on your finger, look you in the eyes, and say "I do."


I love you very much.


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