Thursday, April 30, 2015

"F" is for "Fantasy"

From April 28, 2015:


One of the gifts you have given me when you agreed to be my submissive is to allow me to explore my rather strong sexual fantasies with you; to take them from the deep recesses of my mind and sprawl them out in the bedroom.

And I have fulfilled many with you, some I did not even realize I had. I think back to some of the things we have done over the years, and often times they are very clear in my head and often times I have to struggle to remember just how they went down because of the sheer intensity of them.

I have a very sexually active mind, more so than you might even know. I have fantasies of you..of us..that come up quite often.

We have lived out quite a few of them.

But as you know, there are more that I still want.

I'm not sure if I could list a single favorite one. I think Club Collette is certainly at the top of the list, but, then again, the time that I had you wait for me in my cabin and I came in and raped you is high up there as well, as is the time I tied you to a chair in a hotel room and cut your clothes off of you. Each of our encounters where I have shared you with another man are up there as well; not all of them at the same level though. 

These fantasies...these "ideas" that consume my somewhat twisted thoughts, occur quite often. But it is because of who you are and what you mean to me that these fantasies are so vivid, are such a turn on to me. They arouse me because the person on the receiving end of them is you. You are the one who brought this highly sexual side out of me. Yes, it was there, but without you, perhaps a lot of it would have been ignored. 

I would love to bring out more of your fantasies. I know we have talked about this, you have said you do not have any...but I know you do. I know that an important part of this relationship to you is that you can pretend that you do not have some of the same thoughts that I do and simply go along with what I say as that makes you a good girl as opposed to the kinky insatiable slut that you are. 

I'm fine with that. I get a dripping wet fucktoy in other case, whether you share or not. That being said..nothing makes me come harder than when you reveal something, something kinky and fantasy oriented, when we are in the middle of fucking.

I have fantasies. Some of them are not very nice.

I have fantasies.

But more importantly, I have a fantasy woman to share them with.

I love you very much.


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