Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We Are Not Perfect

L accompanied me on a business trip to Las Vegas last week, and while one would think that the city of sin would open the door to many kinky opportunities for us. We discussed going to one of the local swinger's clubs to watch and be watched, and I did put a query out looking for a local Dom to share my pet with. Being Las Vegas, the requests were numerous. Being that I advertised through Craigslist, most of the requests were pathetic. There was one Dominant who replied who clearly was quite experienced, much more than I, and I considered inviting him with the main reason I thought I could perhaps learn new tricks of the trade from him.

But none of those things happened during our brief stay there, though we did of course make good use of our suite at the Bellagio to make some noise that I suspect the guests in the room next to ours did not appreciate.

On our final night we had an argument. It is rare that they happen anymore, but we had one, and we were both fairly upset to the extent that on our final night, L slept without her collar on, my collection of toys remained in the nightstand next to my side of the bed, and, in fact, we did not even have sex. That in itself is a rarity.

The tension continued the next morning, and we checked out and enjoyed some time by the pool before we went to the airport. The difficult part there was that we were going in separate directions...L was heading to Arizona to visit her brother for a few days and I was heading back home. We parted just fine...with hugs and kisses and wishes of love...but facing time apart after an evening of tension left me completely off balance. Because I travel so much for my job, right before I leave, we always have a very good session to set the stage during the time we are apart.

So it felt odd, even though neither one of us were mad at each other. By the next day we were back to the usual exchange of dirty texts and emails that always take place during our time apart.

We are not perfect. Being in a D/s relationship does not mean we are immune from the challenges and obstacles that regular couples face. Being a submissive does not exempt L from arguing with me or being upset with me, and me being Dominant does not mean I can condemn or punish L when I am upset with her. During those times, the vanilla creeps in.

Thankfully, those times are very rare.

It has been four nights apart. L gets back late, late tonight (2 in the morning) and I will be at the airport to pick her up, and bring her back home to our bed (thank goodness home is about five minutes from the airport) and despite the late hour and the fact I will have to get up in four hours, we are going to fuck. No flogging or TTWD, we will crawl in between the covers, and any tension that might have been held over from five days ago, will promptly be fucked away.  I have no doubts that despite its briefness...who needs a marathon fuck at 3a.m. on a work night?...it will be very, very good for both of us.

A return fuck tonight. Tomorrow night, the collar comes back out and a certain pet will be kneeled over the bed and the toys that stayed in the nightstand of our hotel room a few nights ago in Vegas will come out of the closet and be used. Things will be back to normal.

We are not perfect, nor do we necessarily want to be.


  1. It is refreshing to hear that BDSM isn't perfect. I think a lot of people see this as a 'fix-it' for their relationship, but it can't always fix vanilla problems. People fight and they make up and move on. It doesn't make those times any easier.

    I'm glad you have gotten past your difficult time. Perfect is overrated.

  2. But maybe you two are perfect...

    Like collaredmom said people fight but, I don't know, I kinda think what makes a relationship perfect is their ability to work through problems/fights and end up closer together for it.

    Okay, that's sappy. Lol. Happy you will get to enjoy her soon.

  3. It's true, none of us are perfect. You sound like you are good at making up together though.

  4. I love honest, heartfelt posts like this one