Monday, March 18, 2013

Side by Side: A Real Time Posting

I'm doing something completely new here; I am writing an entry to the blog while L is lying next to me in bed, perusing her blogroll on her Nook and glancing over from time to time at me to see what I am doing on my laptop as my fingers make their way across the keyboard. It's about an hour or so until the children are tucked into bed and asleep; at which time the fingers making their way across the keyboard will be making her way across her; "return" to be replaced with her nipple, space bar replaced with her clit...clickety clack, clickety clack, I will type my way across her frontside and then over to her back....

It's been a week since the last posting and things are coming along quite nicely. We had a brief, four day separation last week that was once again difficult for both of us, more so for L because of what she had to do, but we remained strong through all of it because that is the thing we do now. Days of falling apart are behind us. We are Superman strong now, giddy with desire for each other, moving along in our respective D/s roles. Oh, it is not always oh so sassy sub continues to be oh so sassy, and it is part of who she is and I love her (plus, I love the challenge!) and I am quick to reminder her of her place and she is quick to accept it.

She's gotten off the bed now, pink nightgown hanging over her black yoga pants. Children are still awake so she is tending to them. As I watch her get off to the bed, out the bedroom and into the kitchen, I have this urge to stop her in her tracks, lock the door while I press against her and then pull her hair back HARD while I lift her nightgown, yank down her yoga pants and panties, and slap my hand across her ass, over and over...

That will have to wait. My fingers on he will have to wait. For now they go clickety clack, clickety clack, across this keyboard...

Did I say things were good? Oh, they are damn good. We spent this weekend remodeling what used to be her bedroom into OUR Bedroom, finally, once and for all. The new furniture comes on Wednesday..the new bed...OUR king bed will be in the room. We play to break it in properly. Of course.

In the bedroom project, I relinquished control to L. She knew what to do better. I read on some blog that L provided to me where it talked about how a Dominant does not always have to be in control of EVERYTHING, that if there is something a sub is really good at it, better than the Dom is, then let her have ownership of that, whether it be household finances or remodeling a bedroom. What happened though is after spending the weekend being in control of the bedroom project, I noticed L taking that control to other areas; being a little sassier than usual, and even joking about how she could manipulate her way out of a spanking.

L just got off the bed to go take a shower then put the young child to bed. Clickety clack, clickety clack, I continue typing. My fingers want to be somewhere else. If we were not in the presence of children, I would be in the shower with her, grabbing her hair and forcing her to her knees in the tub to take my cock in her mouth and fuck her face while the hot water streams down over the two of us.

Clickety clack, I type away instead.

She will get out of the shower and put the youngest to bed. I will go and take a shower myself then join her to bed. As I shower, she will be reading this blog...these very words...that I type right now.

These words right now.

Hello dear L.

In just a short time I am going to be in bed next to you, the door will be locked, the tv on some channel that doesn't matter because we just want the sound to drown out whatever noises are made by us...a crop across your ass, your moans of pleasure and pain, the sound when I do fuck you and I pound into you from behind. You know...THOSE sounds.

In just a short time I am going to be in bed next to you, grabbing your hair, kissing you hard, my hand cupping your pussy, spanking it, hands running up your body, twisting your nipples...and I am kissing you all over, your neck, your tits...tongue running down your body, to your thighs, back up again, to your cunt...let me correct that, MY cunt...the cunt that I own...and I lick away and you ask for permission to come, and I let you come, and you come HARD and goose bumps run across your whole body, just as the did last night.

In just a short time that will be happening. And much more.

Are you ready L?

Clickety clack.

I'm done typing now.


  1. Fabulous well written and erotic.


  2. You set up that scene very well. Are you going to share what happened when you stopped typing?


  3. Beautifully written!

    I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your next post.

    Keep them coming.