Friday, March 22, 2013

L on the New Bed

My thoughts on the new bed.......
I absolutely love love love it. 
Not just the bed but the entire room.  I worked very hard on it....painted until my hands were like claws holding the roller.  I had scraps and scratches all over, it was hell to stand up after all the climbing up and down.  I also love the fact that the old bed is gone and along with it.....horrible memories.  If you are a blog follower of ours, then you know I had a rough road in my marriage.  My ex once broke in while we were at the movies and dumped water on the bed (we of course did not know it was water and that was his intention).  It was the bed that had to go....should have gone a long time before this.
You saw the picture....the bed is huge and beautiful....and all ours.  The room is all ours.  A lot of my time prepping the room to paint was organizing.  Putting boxes of pictures away....putting pictures away that my children may want someday...throwing mountains of stuff away.  Making it ours.  Ours it is.
I absolutely love love love it

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