Friday, March 1, 2013

Work in progress

Email sent to L yesterday while she was at work:


I want to start by saying that I am pleased with the intensity of your submission lately, it appears to be stronger than before.

But as we both know, there are some things to work on.

Tonight when I come home is going to be all about my pleasure...about you worshipping my cock. Showing me that you are a cock worshipping sub. I would like for you, when the time is ready, to begin by cleaning my cock and balls off with a warm, soapy washcloth..take your time and do it gently. Afterwards, you will show me how much you enjoy my cock with your hand..cupping my balls, running your fingers along the shaft, stroking know what to do.

From there you will worship me with your mouth and tongue. All over. Take my balls in your mouth and suck on them gently. Lick underneath the balls, around my ass. When you take me in your mouth, start with the head before you take my entire length in. Suck slowly at first, use a combination of your mouth and hand...the way I like it. I will let you know when to increase the speed. I will let you know when I am about to come so you are prepared for me to fill your slut mouth with it.

Here is the good part for you. As I consider this a work in progress, you will not have to swallow. However, I will have instructions for you on where you will spit it.

Let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any questions.


Part of this exercise was to help L become better accustomed and used to taking my cum in her mouth. She has only swallowed on a couple of occasions, and other times when I have come in her mouth (which I don't very often at all) she has spit it out. L is not a swallower, the big reason being, well, I tend to be rather copious. "It's just too much for me," she will whine, and I will be the kind Sir that I am in most cases and at the last minute pull out and coat her body with it. I am fine with that, rather enjoy it. Last week I was stroking myself while I hovered over her and she squeezed her breasts together, thinking that was going to be my depository, so to speak, but at the last minute I grabbed her by the back of her hair and came on her face.

My main criteria with her is that I do not come on myself. I should not need to. I have a whole fucktoy at my disposal, with holes and body that belong to me and make for a perfect place for me to come.

But pet's need to appreciate all that their Master has to offer, and I wanted to help pet get to the point where my coming in her mouth was recognized as a gift, and, more importantly, it was an act that I find enjoyable.

It was rather late when I got off work (I work nights) so L was quite tired and at first tried to puppy dog eye her way out of it. I told her she did not have a choice. We lie in bed for awhile, watching television after the kids had gone to bed, and then I gave her her instruction.

"Go get the washcloth," I said.

She went in the bathroom and came back with face wipes and a warm washcloth. and started doing as instructed, first using the wipes to cleanse shaft, balls, under the balls....then using the warm wash cloth. In no time at all I had a nice firm erection, which responded well to her careful touch. 

I was hard.

I was throbbing.

And I think we both was going to be a gusher.

L then proceeded to give me the best blow job she has ever given me, taking her time at first as I had instructed by licking me everywhere with her tongue; tantalizingly working her tongue up and down my shaft, around the head, little sucks here, little sucks there. I have been coaching her on her technique and telling her to use her hands more often as she is sucking me as I like the dual sensation of suck and stroke.

When she took my length in her mouth, I grabbed the back of her hair and controlled her motions, thrusting my hips upwards at times to meet her downward suck. It was damn good. Wanting to prolong the sensation, I held off on my orgasm, using my soon to be patented Vulcan cock control. 

L was getting nervous, though, I could tell as there were occasional whimpers coming from her stuffed mouth. "I will tell you when I am going to come," I said. I rarely have pre-cum, so when I do come, it is instantaneous and very rapid.

Sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking..I watched her as she kept going, my hand still tightly pulling her hair, and then it got to the point where holding back was no longer an option so I told her "I am going to come" and then I did, and I grabbed the back of her hair even harder and held her head tightly as I thrust my hips up one more time and came HARD in her mouth. 

After the last spurt L jerked her head up and said "Oh god, I can't do it" and before I could hand her the glass I wanted her to spit into (for a show and tell between us to see just how much it actually was) the cum came back out of her mouth, back down on my cock and belly, down the front of her nightgown, as she grabbed a tissue to wipe off.

"I am so sorry..I am so sorry..." she said, as she started to clean me up, as I gave her a firm stare (somewhat firm, as I was still coming down from a mind blowing orgasm).

"I tried, I really tried," she whimpered. She as then curled up next to me in a submissive position, begging for forgiveness, and I briefly pondered the situation. Do I quickly and without hesitation punish her for failing to complete the task as instructed, or do I recognize the fact that she truly did try, and that this was, as I stated to her in the email a "work in progress."

Oh, and did I mention the galaxy shifting orgasm?

I let her know I was disappointed with what happened at the end (expressing disappointment to a sub is punishment alone), that I was pleased with all that she did leading up to that point, and that this is something we will work on. From there I had her turnover for her nightly spanking (new and improved with a plastic coat hanger!) and then used her silver bullet vibrator on her to bring her to orgasm.

So yes, a work in progress.

And the training will be quite fun.

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  1. Well done, sir. I, too, believe in cock worship as a valuable and essential skill, and thankfully my miss is an eager trainee. Good luck and have fun.