Thursday, March 21, 2013

The new bed: At last

Here it is.

The new bed.

It arrived yesterday, mid morning, along with the rest of the bedroom set to include a dresser and two night stands. We had talked about this day for quite some time now, looking at it as a Christmas for us of sorts. If you read the posts below, you know why this moment was so damn significant for us. An important step towards us building a life...and creating a home...that was truly ours.

The plan was that once it had arrived and been setup, I would call L and she would come home from work to help make the bed before I went to work later that night. As it turned out, L was home sick that day with a stomach flu and she slept in the downstairs bedroom while the bed and furniture was being assembled. She felt well enough by the time they had gone to get out of bed and help me make it with the new sheets and comforter.

She also felt well enough for what we did next.

We were in that bed before we knew it, underneath the covers, clothes off, our hands all over each other. Maybe this was a moment that called for spanking, for collaring, hair pulling and all of TTWD, but at that time, the only thing I could think about was how badly I wanted to be inside of her.

And then I was on top of her, cock resting against her cunt, ready to penetrate her.

"I'm going to fuck you on MY bed," I growled, and she gasped at those words. Or maybe the gasp was because i was sliding inside of her, and fuck we did, and I filled her up with my hardness, my hands under her ass, pulling her up against me as I slammed inside of her, noticing the difference that the new firm mattress made. We both came rather quickly.

Later that afternoon, we fucked again, this time after an extensive spanking session. With the house to ourself, we could make as much noise as we needed, so I used my hand in the spanking. I spanked her hard and repeatedly, taking breaks every 50 spanks or so to rub her ass and cunt. It didn't take many spanks before she drifted off into sub space, and I spanked her longer and harder than I had before, more than 500 with my hand. After that, we fucked again, with even more intensity than before.

L was home sick again today, so we spent most of today in bed with more sessions thrown in.

It's interesting, but having the room be ours, to be sleeping in a bed that I paid for, has had an interesting effect on me psychologically. I am feeling even more in control than before, feeling like the Master of my domain because now I feel this really is MY domain. In the above picture, that's my space on the left. I spent some time this evening organizing my side of my closet, setting up my nightstand, setting thing up as I wanted them to be in MY domain.

L could feel that change was afoot..


S: Going to step things up now.

L: I am ready.

And so am I.


  1. Nice way to step up your control on your new bed. Enjoy.


  2. I'm so happy for you both. I can't wait to read more about your adventures in your new space. :-)