Thursday, March 28, 2013

Corner Time

Coming up with punishments for L as of late has not been easy, however, fortunately, because of how far she has come along in what is almost a year of us being in a D/s relationship, she doesn't need them that often. She slips from time to time, as she should, since no sub is perfect and for that matter, no Dom is perfect either. She makes mistakes, but they are few and far between. I'm quite pleased with how far she has come, and quite proud of her. I believe she is putting in more effort than before, in part due to a reason she mentioned in an email to me yesterday:


I almost have no words for how I feel right now.  really don't.  I think I have reached a whole new level of submissiveness.

I completely concur. She has been more submissiveness than ever before, showing it in ways she hasn't in the past. Last night we were in the living room watching "This is 40" with her boys. I was sitting on the couch and she came over, handed me a drink, and sat on the floor at my feet and rested her head on my lap while we watched. It did not appear to be anything out of the normal for the young eyes in the room, just a display of affection. But she knew what it meant. I knew what it meant. And it was very good.

So things are good, but mistakes are sometimes made.

And mistakes are dealt with quickly.

The other day L neglected to deliver not once, but twice, on one of the communication rules we have in place. She is to inform me if she ever leaves her office for anything and inform me when she gets back. Like I said, she is typically quite good on following through, but the other day, her head just wasn't in the right place.

L is quick to pick up on disappointment when it happens, and just her knowing that I am disappointed in her is probably, in some ways, punishment enough for her. She HATES disappointing me, hates when I am upset with her, and I know when she makes mistakes and that happens, it gets her very anxious and eager..desperate, I be punished and forgiven so we can move on.

But as I said above, it's not easy coming up with punishments. Punishments regarding pain, such as an extensive and hard spanking, are often times not possible because of the noise and the children hearing.

So with this instance, I elected to go in the opposite direction of pain and put corner time into effect, which has only been used once in our relationship. I knew it was not one she would be fond of at all, and hoped that that lack of fondness would be encouragement to be more mindful of the rules down the road. I alerted her to what the punishment was going to be during the day, and as soon as she got home she wanted to do it to get it out of the way. But it wasn't her place to determine when she would get a punishment, and I told her she would have to wait until the children went to bed.

It wasn't very long, compared to corner time punishments I suspect other subs receive. She had to sit in the corner (that's the picture above) with her hands tied behind her back and her nose against the wall for 10 minutes. Once she was in place, I turned the volume down on the television completely, and sat on the bed in silence and read. She started fidgeting halfway in (her nose was itching, she told me afterwards) and around eight minutes was making these little sounds...almost like bleeting...that she makes when she is not happy with something.

Ten minutes passed, and I went over and untied her and held her.

"Next time it's 20," I told her.

"I didn't like that," she said quietly.

"That's the point," I said, as I led her over to the bed and we commenced to do that thing we do...which will be the subject of my next post...

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