Monday, April 28, 2014


Yesterday was a fairly significant day in the journey of S and L.

After we got into the city from our vacation on the coast and checked into our hotel room, I sent L on her way to shop while I stopped by a tattoo parlor. I had been meaning to have L's name tattooed on my arm as a way to demonstrate to her just how serious I am about her and us.

I am not a tattoo person, per se. I have a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for "Hope" that I got on my right arm a couple of years ago, but the whole idea of body art is one that never appealed to me, and I suspect the one I got yesterday will be the last.

L and I are going to get married eventually, and I suppose that is the sure fire way to commit one's devotion to another. But this something I wanted to do, wanted to do to prove to her, especially in the wake of last week's setback.

It wasn't too elaborate, a nice cursive font across the upper left arm. Not too big, not too small. It was...just right. I believe L was genuinely touched by the gesture, the seriousness of what it implied.

We went out to dinner, then went and saw a friend of L's. In between there was a stop at Lowes hardware store. I didn't pack much for our trip because, as I stated before, I wasn't sure how much of our trip was going to go beyond the vanilla. But by then, it was clear that things were going to be ok, and I wanted our last night before returning home to be...just right.

I didn't expect things to go like they did.

I picked up some rope and a small pocketknife. My intention was to take advantage of the bed posts in our hotel room to have a popular restraining session with L, something that was a long time coming. It's always difficult to do at home, because I could have L completely bound to the bed and the next thing, a child would be knocking at the door.

When we got back to the room we had a bath together at the hotel's oversized bathtub. L was in the middle of that time of the month, so our options for what we were going to do was slightly limited. L did a nice job cleaning me up, soaping up my cock through the water while the other hand caressed around my balls. I was hard in no time, and ready for the next steps.

Back in the bed. L, naked and face down on the bed. I cut off strands of the rope and soon had her hands tied to the posts, and then her legs. She was quickly helpless, restrained, and ready for whatever I wanted to do to her.

It began with a caning, and then I used the heavy rope that was holding back the curtains in our room. There was little warming up, and I kept at it for a long time, while she whimpered and moaned with her "Please Sir" that she always does.

I am not sure what brought on what happened next, but then I was against her, my hard cock pressing against her ass. I reached over to the table and got the small pocket knife and opened the blade and then, slowly, ran it along the middle of her back.

She shivered.

A red stripe, somewhat faint, appeared.

I repeated.

And repeated.

And repeated.

I brought it across her back diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. I ran it along her buttocks. The marks that were appearing were...lovely. Her reaction was...lovely. At one point I whispered in her ear, asked her how she was doing.

"It feels nice," she said, barely at a whisper.

I kept at it. Then went back to the caning. By then, I was aching for release. The thrill of this new activity...the affect it had on her...had me at my limits, and I needed something.

She was the one who suggested she had a bottle of lotion in her purse that could be used as lube.

(if you are reading this post as an introduction to our blog, let me just say that L does not like anal with me. I am flattered for the reason why)

I was not as gentle sliding into her ass as I have been the few other times we have had anal sex. I was looking down at her back, decorated with the red welts that I gave her, and the whole experience....combined with what we had gone through the last week, combined with the fact that her name was branded for life across my arm...I just did not really care about her comfort level. I needed penetration. I needed to violate her.

And I did, she barely made a fuss, only asking that once I was inside of her and sliding in and out of her tightness, asking me to please come soon, and it didn't take me long at all, really...

As I dripped out of her, I cleaned her off, then untied her, and held her, and she curled into me, whimpering a little, as I told her how pleased I was with her. She asked to wear a shirt to bed because of the stings of her welts. I told her she could.

Sleep came easy for both of us. We both fell asleep, L's back branded with the marks I gave her that are still there today, me branded with her name proudly across my arm for the rest of my life. We fell asleep branded...and very much satisfied that that was the case.


  1. That was quite a gesture you made for her to show your commitment to the relationship. Also curious if those cuts will leave slight scars.


  2. Mmm, sounds like a delicious time reaffirming commitments both ways. I love the lines you made.

  3. Glad that the two of you seem stronger than ever. As hard as conflict is, if handled properly it leads to growth and strength. You guys are a great example :-)

  4. Love the gesture ... Your weekend turned out petty amazing it seems like your stronger than ever ❤️. ~ s

  5. Just wanted to inform you that I nominated you for a Liester Blog Award because I love your blog and think you guys are awesome!

    1. Thank you! I plan to return the favor in the days to come.

  6. That's funny I nominated you yesterday too ! Your blog is popular 😍

  7. And here's another nomination for you! Thank you for being a Dom with a blog, and for letting L post here too. Link:

    1. It's my pleasure. Thank you for the nomination and the follow, and I will do as required in the days to come.

  8. I'd like to see how he's going to answer everyone's questions lol ..;)

    1. Thanks for the'll have to wait a few more days for me to get to that...will try and make it worth the wait though.

  9. congratulations on you two getting wed. Glad things are good with you all now. I have nominated you blog too. Both of you are open and normal (a lot of felling) I shake both of your hands