Friday, April 4, 2014


After I emailed L a rather elaborate fantasy I had involving watching her engaged in a session with another sub, she confessed to me that she is no longer surprised by my twisted mind. I don't know if that is necessarily true, I think I still have the ability to surprise her...perhaps, L, as you read this, you should know that I am saving the darkest aspects of my kinky mind for last! 

I surprise myself still. I do find myself surprised by the power of my Dominance at times, during those times when it kicks into high gear. Just as there is sub space, I believe there is Dom space, the difference being is that there is more control..well, all Dom space. Nonetheless, it surprises me. It surprises me the thoughts that run through my mind, the things I want to do to L...want her to do to me. What makes it all incredibly delicious is knowing that whatever those thoughts are....I can make them happen.

What L did tell me is that she surprises herself..her reactions to TTWD. Last night was the perfect example...not once, but twice. We did not have a session or any sex the day before, L was quite under the weather so we had one of those rare days where nothing happened. So by the next day...poor us!...we were both wound up. We were both in need of release, in our own separate ways.

We had a good session last night. It started off with me watching one of the better soft core porn movies I had seen in a long time, on Showtime, that featured a young woman discovering her sexuality. Lots of scenes of masturbation...women loving women...that was done in a tasteful and ntimate manner that got me highly aroused. I have had these fantasies (as I said above) of seeing my pet with another sub, and the manner in which it was presented in the movie got my blood flowing.

L sucked on me while I watched for awhile, my hand on top of her head, guiding her. I was beyond hard, and realized that if she kept it up, I wouldn't be keeping it up for awhile. So I made her stop.

We watched for a bit longer, than I instructed L to get ready for bed. The spreader bar came out, and she was restrained. The collar was put on. She raised her ass, eager for me. First with the new cane, strike after strike after strike. This was followed by the flogger, which I used not just on her ass, but across the backs of her legs, up along the back..whipping it this way and that. Pet was silent for most of it, but then she started moaning and writhing underneath the lashes.

"I give you permission to come," I told her. "I direct you to come."

More flogging...lash after lash, and L's moans got louder and then she came, came without any stimulation of her clit, came without being fucked...she came from flogging, one of the few times that it has happened.

I was still possessing an erection an hour into the making, so after more time with the cane, I spread her legs apart and entered her forcefully, and though I pride myself on being able to last long, I had no desire to do so that time, and came quickly...and hard.

We lie there for a bit afterwards, and L was still wound up, I knew she was in need of another orgasm (she rarely is content with just one, or two....) so she asked if she could touch herself.

"No," I said. "You cannot."

She pouted. Said I was rude. As she did so, I was plugging in the Hitachi Magic Wand, and before she knew it, the vibrating end was pressed against her clit, and she was fucking up against it, my hand holding it in place, and in an even shorter amount of time than I did, she came....and released about as much fluid as I had just done.

Only as of late..and usually with the wand...has L become a squirter. She used to scoff at it before, saying that women who did it must be peeing, but she has since learned differently. She coated the end of the wand, my hand, and the majority of it on the front of her nightgown. 

Afterwards, I told her how proud of her I was. Proud that she came while being flogged, proud of the intensity of her orgasm. Proud of her wonderful sexuality. Prout to own...her.

No surprise there.

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  1. This is a very sweet post. There's almost nothing better than to hear your man say he's proud to own you :-)