Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I came in pet's mouth...

I came in pet's mouth, not once, but twice this weekend. In a typical D/s relationship that might not be so out of the norm, but as I have talked about here before, L has not been a big fan of me coming in her mouth for reasons related to quantity. If it is that time of the month, I will usually have her suck me off until the last minute and then I will shove her to her back and come all over her, which is enjoyable in itself. I've been respectful to her in that manner. Ever the kind Dom, me.

It was a shame that our weekend to reconnect coincided with that time of the month. We tend to be more tolerate in that area than a lot of other couples. I have no issues with a little blood downstairs, and I suppose the dark side of me likes the twisted aspect of it. Still, we will usually improvise when the arrival comes. Me going without an orgasm is not an option, so it is up to L to make that happen, with whatever optional hole she can provide.

The first time I came in her mouth was in our hotel room in the middle of the day. We were just lounging, taking a nap, and L was cuddled up against me, and eventually I was grabbing the back of her hair and guiding her down to my lap. She took me in her mouth, slowly sucking on me in that amazing way she does, and I realized it was probably time we stop with this nonsense and I used her mouth in the manner it was meant.

But like I said..ever the kind Dom, me! So when I came, I allowed her to spit it back out into a tissue. That in itself was step above how we normally approach that matter.

The second time was in the car on the way back home. L was driving. She will usually drive on road trips, I don't mind. I like to sit back and enjoy the scenery and control the music. We were driving along a fairly remote highway, surrounded by wilderness and mountain ranges so spectacular they would make you cry (if you were the type of person to cry because of majestic mountain ranges). We were talking about the night before (see posting below) and that got us excited, and before long, I had a noticeable bulge in my jeans that L reached over and caressed while driving.

"Do you want me to pull over?" she asked.

That seemed like a good idea, I thought, but wasn't quite ready yet. We kept driving, and eventually my hard on went down.

Then the talk turned to sex again, and the rise came back, and L asked again if she should pull over and I said that was a good idea.

"Whatever you want," she said.

We found a place to pull over, a rest stop tucked off of the highway, in the wilderness. L let off a bit of a whimper when she pulled over, perhaps the memory of the day before when I came in her mouth was still in the back of her mind...or in the back of her mouth.

I pulled myself out, hard and waiting for her.

She leaned over to my side of the car and took me in her mouth and started sucking, her head bobbing up and down on my shaft while her hand did her work. It was exquisite. Part of what I enjoy about a blowjob from L is how much SHE enjoys it. Slightly ravenous, like the good pet she is.

A car passed by us and she stopped while it went by. How much they might have seen, we don't know. The back of our car was obscured by boxes so unlikely they saw anything.

She went back to the task at hand.

The thought of almost getting caught got my mind wandering as L sucked me off, the midday sun beating down upon us through the windshield, the moisture from her mouth glistening on my cock. I thought of us being watched. Another couple. And how perhaps, while watching, they might have been mesmerized. And aroused. And perhaps, while watching L suck on me, they might have groped for each other. She might have taken his cock and started stroking on it. He might have snuck his hand down her pants and started fingering her, both of them watching us, touching each other.

Yes, there is a voyeuristic tendency to me.

So I came in her mouth for a second time that weekend, and this time she didn't spit all of it into the tissue, she also had to lean over and spit some of it on the ground. I suppose I could be upset that she would waste something she was supposed to find so precious, but you know, baby steps.

She pulled out of the rest stop and hit the highway again. I played a song. It might have been "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac or it could have been "Night Moves" by Bob Seger. I'm not sure, to be honest. I do know I leaned over and gave L a good tug on the back of her hair and told her "Good girl."

I leaned back in my seat and enjoyed the warmth of the sun as L and I...as we do each and everyday...continued on our journey.


  1. It was hard (no pun intended) for me to learn to swallow also, but now I prefer it. Babysteps, like you say.

  2. Swallowing is something we are working on at the moment. It is not easy (I gag every time), thankfully Master has given me time to work up to it.

    It does make it a little easier if you have a drink to wash it down with :)

    1. not sure if you've read anything misty but there's certain things your man can eat to make it taste better and there's always numbing drops might help? This took me years to be able to do this ... I think part of it was mental and part was physical . And now it's easy and I enjoy it :). It's good your master is patient with you .

    2. BigD lils, it's not so much the taste I mind but the texture, yuck!!!! lol

    3. Can't help you there :( just keep working at it ?:)

    4. You pets are just adorable, debating taste versus texture, when really, all you have to do (speaking to you precious L) is to drop to your knees and obediently do whatever your Master tells you. (-;

      Have a lovely day!

    5. Lol! Touché, Master59.

    6. And s does every night , sometimes she actually begs to swallow it ... Once she got over the issues with it now she can't get enough... And of course it's something I love as well ..~ D

  3. I used to have a hard time with this as well, because the consistency of it
    freaked me out. But the more I had to do it, the less of an issue it became. Hopefully more practice will help :-)