Monday, April 7, 2014

I touch myself....

We had just completed a pretty intense session last night, where, shortly afterwards, I had fallen asleep. We had a very nice Sunday with a family trip ice fishing and L and I catching up on a couple of our favorite shows. I consider Sunday night sessions very important, the most important of any night, as it sets the tone for the rest of the week. L assumes a rather dominant personality in her work place, so reminding her of her place with me is important. was a good session, and as I said, I fell asleep shortly afterwards. At some point...maybe a few minutes later...I woke up. And next to me, the bed was moving, and L was letting off her sighs...sighs that I more than recognized as orgasms.

L had touched herself. L had came. Without asking permission.

She asks me of this every now and then, wanting one final release to help her go to sleep. It doesn't matter how many times I make her come, there is one more waiting in her, that final one that sends her into slumber. It turns me on. I like to whisper in her ear while she is doing it, her finger making a circular motion on her clit. "Imagine my cock inside of you," I say. "Imagine me fucking you..."

She will put her fingers in her mouth. She will get them wet. She will use that wetness to rub her clit.

"That pussy you are rubbing, that is MY pussy," I tell her, often times pulling at her nipple. "If you come, you come for me."

I allow my pet to touch my presence...with my permission.

I'll hold her while she comes. While she bucks her hips under fingers. While she makes those....sounds...that turn me on so.

Insatiable little pet.

I allow her to touch herself.

I do not let her do it without my permission.

That is a rule of the contract. It is straightforward, it is a no brainer, if you ask me. So imagine my surprise to wake up last night and find L in the throes of orgasm as she fingered her clit. The clit that I own. Having an orgasm that belongs to me.

Without my permission.

"I'm disappointed in you," were the first words out of my mouth, after she realized she had been caught.

She wanted to be punished right then and there, on the spot, but I told her I did not have the punishment yet and it would have to wait until tomorrow, and that it would not necessarily be the type of punishment that would be administered via pain. This would be...this would be...a punishment fits the crime scenario.

It's forthcoming, tonight, and I will not tell you what it is because L will find out what it is, and I want to wait and tell L what it is when I have her in bed, naked before me, the cane in my hand. The collar around her neck.

It's simple.

There are rules.

Rules state that you stop when there is a stop sign, that you do not drive 55, that you do not drink if you are under 21.

That you do NOT touch yourself and come without Sir's permission.

That is the way it is.


  1. oooops!

    we've all tried it once or twice, right?! *guilty face*

  2. I hope you post about her punishment when its over, you've got me curious!

    1. I would like to read about it as well, but I feel a wee bit guilty for wanting to. Poor L.

  3. I adore your blog!