Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What happened

You silly people.

Getting inquiries as to what happened to L as a result of her infraction that I referenced below. So curious! Even you subs who read this, who in large part, empathize with L and wish her no punishment, but want to know.

Curiosity killed the sub. A solid caning brought her back.

Anyway, the punishment.

I think in all respects it was fairly mild, and probably predictable. On Monday night, during our session and the fucking that occurred afterwards, she was not allowed to come. Her punishment was a 24 hour denial of orgasm, and maybe it should have been longer, but the truth be told (don't you dare tell her) that I derive pleasure from her orgasms. Those sounds she makes. The way her cunt squeezes me.

So I left it at 24 hours.

Oh, she suffered through it, I suppose. I abused that cunt that night. I fingered it and stroked it, slapped at it and rubbed it. I put her on display through a live webcam, which we do from time to time through Adult Friend Finder. I caned her ass in front of our virtual audience, stopping from time to time to spread her wide open and tell her how many more people were watching. She sucked my cock. I fucked her, and I fucked her hard, and I came, and I came hard.

She, however, did not.

I left her there, wet and tingly, fuzzy in sub space, as I fell asleep, more than satisfied.

Last night...

Last night I allowed her to come. I worked her over through a solid session and then I pounded her hard from behind, and made her beg to come. She begged. I allowed. She came.


Afterwards, as we started to go to sleep, she asked permission if she could touch herself, if needed, to help her go to sleep.

No, was the answer.

Not just yet.


  1. Live ? Can anyone view it? 24 hours seems fairly easy to get through ...

  2. That sounds like a fair punishment to me :-)