Friday, April 25, 2014

The Punishing of S


It's us.

Thanks to all of you who have commented on our postings below as we have sorted through a rather complicated and ugly situation. I was not sure where things were going to go, to be honest. At one point I thought our vacation was going to be canceled. Things at our home...our sanctuary, our place of peace...were just...uncomfortable, it seemed.

But we went on our vacation. a drive across the state to the shore. We left in great spirits, determined to have a good time, and it came naturally right away, the joy of getting away from day to day life. We talked and laughed the entire drive, listened to music, talked...enjoyed each other's company. Last night we went out on the town, had drinks, a good dinner. The stress of last week seemed so far away.

Then we got back to our hotel room, slightly tipsy from the night out. We had not had sex since the weekend, we had not had a session since then as well. I almost did not pack anything from my box of tricks, thinking that we would have, at best, a vanilla weekend. At the last minute I tossed the cane and collar into the suitcase.

We were in our room, and I don't remember what happened exactly. But it was L who got the cane out and got up on the bed. It was L who said we needed closure for this, that she needed to feel better once and for all, and that I needed to feel better once and for all. She was...stern. She was...domme like.

"You need to be punished," she said.

"I am punishing myself internally already," I said.

"It has to be more," she said. "We need to get past this."

I wanted to do anything to get past this.

"Turn over," she said, brandishing the cane.

"I don't want that," I said. "That's not me."

"I need this to make things right," she said.

I turned over and removed my underwear.

"Three times," she said.

I braced myself.

The first one came down.

It hurt. Bad.

"Fuck!" I said.

"Don't make it worse," she said.

The next one came down. Then the next.

Note to fellow Doms: That motherfucker HURTS.

She put the cane down.

"There," she said. "We're done. I forgive you."

She reached over the bed and grabbed her collar and handed it to me and kneeled before me.

I put it on her.


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  2. I'm glad to hear that things are moving forward for the two of you. It takes a truly loving and genuinely sorry Dom to give himself to his sub like that. I bet it gave you a whole new respect for what L can take when she is on the receiving end, huh? :-)

  3. Glad things have sorted them self's out. I just love your hole devotion to L! You are one great man!

  4. BigD lilsApril 25, 2014 at 9:44 PM
    Everyone's been rooting for you two .. Life gets difficult and you seem to have found a way past it :) I don't think I would of ever come up with this idea but good for L :) she took a stand and hopefully you two can heal now .... The cane does hurt ! have a great rest of your weekend :) ~ s

  5. I like how this had turned out. I especially like that you got to feel the cane, as I think it's important to know if you're going to use it. :-)

    Best of luck to you both!

  6. I'm glad you two seem to have found your way back to a place of peace. D/s or not, you're both still human and humanity brings with it both ups and downs. Communication is key to sorting through all the rest.

  7. I've been following you two for a while now and I must say ... I wasn't expecting this.
    I am super proud of your L .
    And you. :)

    Being on the receiving end is humbling and vulnerable and so much more that I can't put into words. From the giving end, to be able to be ALLOWED to express that frustration and hurt is freeing ... again, I don't have the words.

    But I hope this allows you both to move ahead easily. Have a great weekend!!