Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A compass to navigate through the storm

What I have found surprising as of late is just how significant and important the pursuit and full embrace of a D/s relationship has become for L and I. There are some major and tragic life events underway that I won't share here that had me thinking last week that perhaps this was not the best time to continue down this road. We both agreed that any change in course at this time would be akin to disastrous to our relationship and upset the balance we have achieved. Our relationship has had its up and downs over the last couple of years, as all relationships tend to be. But with this new direction we have reached an even plateau. Our confidence in each other, in this relationship, in where we are going, has never been stronger.

Embracing a D/s lifestyle and discovering new things about ourselves, hidden sides of ourselves that are just now being unleashed, has been empowering. It has provided us with a compass to navigate through the storm, presenting itself to us as something concrete and stable to hold on to. I have no doubts that L has given herself to me, mind, body, and soul --- completely. Never before has my love of L been stronger, and each and every night when we fall asleep, her resting her head on my chest as I caress her back, I slumber with the knowledge that this is for life. This is for life.

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  1. I like your compass analogy. For us, D/s has really stabilized our relationship and enhanced all the good things while making the not so good things far more minor and in between.

    I hope that the tragic events in your lives come to a close soon.