Monday, May 21, 2012

The other side of the tail

I asked L to write about last night from her perspective, here is what she had to say. I told her that these writing assignments are good for her, that the personal reflection that it encompasses is a healthy thing to do:

Writing assignments are not my forte.....especially one that is about something so....personal.....ugh.
So I had mixed feelings about anal sex with S.  As he said, it has to happen as part of total domination and well, he can if he wants too.  I wasn't too worried as he promised he would go slow and stop when asked which he did for the most part.  Ho boy, it wasn't him I was worried about, it was his size that concerned me.  While I didn't find it awful I would rather it not be a everyday part of our sex life (stupid period!).
I think a large part of it is just trying to relax and let him go.....which I have to do a lot anyways and am getting better at not flinching or making any sounds.  I find myself sitting on my hands a lot which helps me get into submissive mode.


  1. You are on the right track when you talk about relaxing and letting go. The more you do that, the more submissive you will feel and the more you will enjoy the lifestyle.