Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vanilla goodbye

L is leaving town today for about six days, and it already feels strange to not have her around. It's escalated by the reason she is out of town, which is not a pleasant one at all.

Last night in bed as I embraced her I told her we were just going to make love. "I was going to ask you if we could do that," she said.

And we did. No spanking, no slapping, no being called a filthy slut...just tender love making that ended in wonderful orgasms for both of us.

Email exchange between S and L on Thursday morning:

S. I'm glad we made love last night in the manner that we did. It was what was needed at the time.
L: Oh, it was. Just what was needed.

There are some stressful times happening in our respective lives right now, extremely stressful at times. But as I said below, we have something to hold on to to guide us through it. We are an exceptionally strong couple right now, and that is such a secure feeling.

I will miss my pet.


  1. I hope everything goes well for her and that she is back home in your arms soon :)

  2. I'm happy for you.. that this has brought you the stability and confidence you needed in your relationship. And as I'm reminded time and time again... it's all about Communication. Glad to have a fellow (new-ish) adventurer in Blogland. :)

  3. Thank you to both faerie and FA for your well wishes