Tuesday, May 22, 2012


L has nicknamed me Buckets since we have been together because a lot of times when I come, I tend to be rather...copious...when I release. She has joked that I should pursue the porn industry because I would be perfect for the money shot.

Last night fit into the buckets category. L is still on her period, and being a kind Dom, I gave her ass a break last night and had her give me one of her quite excellent blowjobs...but not until she was begging for it. After playing around for a bit, I sat astride her, pinning her arms down as she moved her head up towards my cock, opening her mouth like a hungry little bird. Each of her begs and attempts to take me in her mouth were meant with slaps across the face.

"Just look at it for now," I said, as I stroked myself in front of her. "Look at how big and hard you make me. You want that in your mouth, don't you? Fucking little cock slut."

"Oh god, yes," she breathed heavily, and at one point wriggled her arms free and tried to reach for me to pull me towards her.

"We will fucking do that when I am ready!" I growled, lifting her off the bed and slamming her back down again.

Eventually I gave in and lay back on the bed and had her get between my legs and begin sucking me, which she did with feverish abandon, the sounds of her slurping music to my ears. I grabbed the back of her hair and forced her mouth down on me as deep as she could go.

"You like that cock in your mouth, don't you?" I said. "You like to suck your Master's hard cock?"

She then stopped and started stroking me. "Don't do that," I snarled. "I'll decide where I am going to come."

"I can't swallow it tonight," she said, almost sobbing. "Please, it will be just too much."

"Keep sucking my cock," I said. "I will let you know."

Fortunately for L I wasn't too fixated on her swallowing me that night, though I was tempted to do so just to teach her a lesson. What I wanted to do was coat her with my cum, so when I felt my orgasm approaching, I grabbed her off of me and threw her back down on the bed on her back. I then straddled her and began stroking. She held her tits together for me and ran her tongue around her lips, waiting for me to explode.

And explode I did as a long thick stream of cum drenched her chest, and then a second stream came out that shot further and landed on her cheek. More came out as I covered my little bitch with my cum.

"Good god," she said, as I handed her some tissues (quite a lot of them) to wipe herself off of. "Thank you for not making me swallow that."

I wasn't done with her yet though. After a 15 minute rest I had her resume touching me with her hand. I had told her earlier that day that I wanted her to work on her prostate milking skills. We had only recently started doing that, and she hadn't quite gotten to the point where she was stimulating my prostate, though the experience itself was quite enjoyable. As i quickly became hard again, she got a condom and inserted it on her finger and began exploring around my ass, slowly putting her finger inside of me as I loosened up while she sucked on my cock. I responded to her physically, adjusting myself to give her better access. She worked her finger in more and then...bam!..she hit the magic spot and my body stiffened up. Moving her head away, I started stroking myself again as she worked on me with her finger, and in a matter of seconds, I had another explosive orgasm.

As far as L, I granted her permission to touch herself afterwards, with me twisting, pulling and slapping at her nipples. Soon she came as well, and both of us went quickly to sleep after telling each other how much we loved each other.

L is still on her period so we might have one more night sans fucking her pussy, which means I will use my mind to come up with how we are going to ensure my pleasure tonight. No ideas yet, but based on how damn aroused I am getting just by writing this and thinking back to last night, I have no doubt that buckets will be involved.

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