Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Afternoon delight

L and I both slept in this morning and had a good, physical, morning romp (Aunt Flow still hasn't made her visit, so we have been taking advantage of the opportunity of her absence at every second..) and I took her youngest son to daycare and then came to my office. She sent me an email around 10:30 asking permission to stay home as a washer hose had come loose in the basement and there was water everywhere that needed to be cleaned up. I granted her permission.

I went to pay her a visit at lunchtime and we shared a hamburger together before (ahh, the joy of the middle of the day and no kids in the house) I had her undo my belt, unzip me, take my cock out and give me a blow job. I love it when she gives me a blow job when I am fully clothed, especially wearing a suit. The sound of her unbuckling the belt...the zipper coming down...the feeling of her hand reaching inside my underwear to take me out..that alone is almost as delicious as the blow job itself. After sucking on me for awhile, I asked her if she wanted her Master inside of her (to which of course she said yes please) so I had her turn over and fucked her from behind.

We ended our lunchtime session with a spanking. Incorporating spanking into our relationship has been, and pardon the pun, a hit and miss endeavor. I wanted to be sure that, as she took the afternoon off from work, that she had something to remember her Master by. We haven't done a lot of spanking mainly because of kids being around --- you can close the door and turn up the TV but the sound of a hand striking a bare ass (which is becoming music to my ears) is pretty loud and hard to explain to those who might hear it. So I gave her a good firm spanking which had her whimpering that she would most definitely remember her Master this afternoon.

I left her curled up on the bed, wearing a black tank top and panties, and looking tasty as hell. I came back to work with that great feeling one has after a nooner. There is something sexy as fuck as going to work with the feeling of sex on you, the smell of my pet's sex on my cock, the slight flush, the slight soreness below --- all of those feelings and sensations as you go about in meetings and conducting the business of the day. Love it, love it, love it.

National Masturbation Day was celebrated a short time ago. I say we in the sex blogging community need to grant a similar day for the nooner. National Nooner Day? National Fucking at Lunchtime Day?

Sky rockets in flight, indeed.

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  1. Mmm, much the same reasons we adore morning sex before he goes to work..