Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That special time of the month...

L is about to begin her period for the first time since we entered this new relationship. While we were doing research on D/s relationships, L came across this page within the excellent withinreality. com website  that talks about the "challenges" that can come up during that special time of the month:


We haven't really talked about how the next few days might affect her mood in terms of her desire to serve and please me, but we talked a little in bed this morning about sex the next few days. L confessed she wasn't really looking forward to it too much. L loves to have me in her mouth, but isn't a fan of swallowing. Then of course there is the whole issue I wrote about below with anal sex, but I promised her that is not going to happen until this weekend. I haven't thought about all that I might request of her over the next few days. We've been having a lot of sex --- good, physical sex --- as of late so a couple of days rest doesn't sound that bad, even though my libido is in constant overdrive. Might just use this opportunity to lie back on the bed and have my pet bathe me from toe to head with her tongue.

p.s. I gave L a good pounding this morning, allowing her to come as soon as she wanted to. She's a big fan of the morning romp, and given what could happen the next few days, I felt that a treat was in order. Because I'm a kind Dom like that.

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  1. Some women like sex when they are flowing. There seems to be more sensitivity to the breasts and also other skin, though not as much. Personally , think it gets rid of a lot of the tension that causes tightness which leads to constipation.which leads to pain and more tension.