Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving towards anal...

L and I have not had anal sex yet in our time together. She has been intimidated by my size, so I just never pressed her on the issue. Until now.

I sent her an email today to let her know that my plan this week was to help get her ready for anal sex this weekend, that I would do my best to not make it a completely painful experience, that I would use plenty of lube and ease my way in slowly. I didn't want to make the experience akin to a punishment, rather, make it a part of our sex life. I introduced her to anal beads last week, and will use other ways over the next few nights to help get her ready for her Master.

As we entered into this new direction in our relationship, what I have found is that to some extent, pain isn't necessarily a punishment for L and that there are aspects of it that do arouse her. That seems to be commonplace in this world, and I have read in a few other blogs how the intention was for spanking to be a punishment in a D/s setup but then once the sub started moaning with pleasure while the spanks were being administered that it didn't necessarily fit into the punishment arena. One of the things I have enjoyed the most in this has been the physical and somewhat forceful direction of our sex life.  We have had some great rough sex the last two weeks, the type where we both wake up "fuck sore" the next day. Friday night we had a particularly physical session. L has this delicious way of begging for me to fuck her and will try to grab me to pull me inside of her, raising her hips up and literally writhing underneath me like a starving nympho. That night I surprised myself -- and her --- by slapping her across the face a couple of times to reminder her that I would be inside of her when I was ready...

Where was I? Oh yeah, anal sex.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Not sure if L feels the same way though.

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