Monday, May 7, 2012

Collaring, part II: The wearing

The collaring took place in my living room after we had spent an evening out for drinks and taking in a locally produced movie, which was so bad that L asked if making her watch it was one of her punishments. For both of us, the entire day and the evening was nothing more than foreplay leading up to the moment we both eagerly anticipated.

When we arrived at my place I popped open a bottle of champagne and we smoked a bowl. This was followed by the signing of the contract (like I said below, more on this to come) and I gave her a card that professed my love for her so she was clear that what we were about to do was something I looked at quite seriously.

I presented her with the collar in a red gift bag and as she took her shirt off, she asked that I take it out and put it on her. She lifted up the back of her hair as I put it on, fastening it into place and being careful that it wasn't too tight. After putting it on, she lifted her head up and looked at me in the eyes. L has the most gorgeous eyes, big and brown, and she has a way of looking at me with a puppy dog expression that I knew I was going to have to ignore from here on out when she used that heart-melting look to try and get her way with me.

She looked beautiful.

I leaned in and grabbed the back of her head and our tongues found each other. My hand made its way around her neck where I felt the collar, running my fingers underneath on her neck, and my mouth made its way to the area of her neck under the collar where I kissed and nibbled, my hands taking in and pulling her thick head of hear. Next, I removed the leash from the gift bag and fastened it to the collar as well. Pulling on it, I brought her closer to me, letting the chain drape around her neck and across our mouths where we kissed through it passionately.

I could feel something stirring in me like I had never felt before. L has taken me to the highest sexual peaks I have ever encountered in any relationship, and I was used to having feverish desire for her, but this...this was different. With the collar on there was no question that she had given herself to me, and I wanted to revel in my ownership by completely consuming her. I wanted to tear her clothes from her body and explore every inch of her with my mouth, nibbling, pushing her hard to the floor and forcing myself on her. I wanted to use the leash to drag her to my floor. I wanted to spread her legs apart with my knees and plunge my hard cock deep inside her pussy (side note: L has an amazing pussy that is exceptionally tight and wet at the same time, as she likes to joke with me, I need to write a song about her pussy and I can't help but agree).

I wanted to fuck her, hard and ferocious, pulling at her hair and slapping her across the face. I wanted her to respond back like the bitch of mine that she was, digging her nails into my back, into my ass, as i slammed into her over and over.

In due time.

L reached down and removed my cock from my pants and, using the leash, I pulled her head down towards my crotch where her eager mouth engulfed my tip. Using the chain, I drooped it around so it circled around the base of my cock, and watched, heart pounding and blood flowing, as she took in as much of me as her mouth could contain.

My pet --- my little bitch --- my personal whore was collared. She was mine, and I wanted her like I had never wanted anything in the world before.

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