Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, Monday..

We let things slide  this weekend. Ok, I'm the one in charge, so technically I am the one who let things slide. I had a very rational reason for doing so. If you read the below post on Mother's Day, I take that day quite seriously, and, in particular, I wanted to make it a very special day for L because last year she had a really horrible Mother's Day for reasons I won't go into here.

We went on a camping trip over the weekend with L's mom and her boys and had a great time. Obviously, being on a family camping trip changes things --- can't really be wearing a collar while you are sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows with family.  So we drifted, and I ended up letting things go.

When we got back from camping I gave L the day off, so to speak. Had her take a long afternoon nap while I took care of her younger son and put away all of the camping gear. Pampered her the best that I could, didn't ask or demand anything of her, let some of the rules slide, etc.

Which brings us to this morning...she did jump back into the swing of things by bringing me my coffee in bed, but admitted that this was going to be a tough transition and jokingly (?) asked if she could have an extension on the Mother's Day treatment.  We're both back to work now, getting into our routine for the day. I sent L an email instructing her to re-read the contract and I would do the same.

I'm not necessarily in angst over this, but wondering if I let things slide too much this weekend and made things confusing for her. I did achieve what I wanted in making the day special for her --- I know she enjoyed it very much --- so that aspect makes me happy. And I enjoyed the weekend also. All in all, we had a great time, but we pretty much stepped outside of the D/s context, with the exception of a Friday night physical reminder when we were in bed of who was in charge.

So I'm focused now on getting us back on track. Curious to hear if other D's have done this before --- let things slide for a special occasion, etc., and the challenges they might have had (and how they overcame them) to get back on track.


  1. I believe that relationships run in cycles and D/s ones are no different. There will be times when the dynamic between you is more intense (this coming weekend perhaps) and time when it is less intense, this past weekend for instance.

    I think it helps to remember that is the underlying feelings that are 24/7 not the activities In this way it is okay to have a weekend or times of less intensity with out damaging or confusing the relationship.

  2. Thanks for the comment Sir J. Well said.