Friday, May 11, 2012


Email from L on May 3:

"I am your personal whore (seriously) to do as you see fit. I trust you will do what you think is best.
I plan on scheduling one of our many trips during a big (whatever you want to call it) so you can bring me out in public in my collar......I will be dressed very nice and do you proud."

This totally does it for me. We don't live somewhere where there are BDSM clubs to attend. The idea of going to such a club somewhere with L by my side, collared and leashed, is damn hot. We're an attractive couple, and we look good together, work well together in public. Love the thought of being around others, Dominants and submissives, Masters and slaves, taking in the sights and sounds and feeding off of the sexual energy -- and what that would do to us. I have a voyeuristic streak to me, so would love to push L on this one --- me spanking her in public, etc.

Damn straight we will be planning a trip like this soon.

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