Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Date night

L and I had a very nice date night last night. We went and saw a live performance of Lily Tomlin, which was absolutely hilarious. It was the third night in a matter of five days where I had "dragged" L to going to some artistic/cultural event with me, and though she makes jokes about it, I know that she actually enjoys the opportunity, in part, because she was not accustomed to nice date nights in her previous relationship. I enjoy having her by my side at these events, in particular, sitting in the dark with our hands intertwined and caressing each other's fingers, her head sometimes resting on my shoulder. Afterwards we went and had drinks and appetizers before going back home and to bed.

To bed. These days, bedtime can't come quickly enough. Were it not for the demands of reality (i.e, children) the bedroom would be our permanent place of residence these days. I'm craving L rather intensely these days, and as I sit here writing this at 9a.m. am feeling the familiar rise in my pants that seems to be a constant presence. We had sex...great sex...on a daily basis prior to switching to a D/s relationship, but it feels different now, at least for me. These days, I want to literally consume her when we are in bed together, leave no doubt in her mind that I am her owner as I ravish her body.

And this is not just for my own pleasure. I know the effect I have on L in bed. I know I can make her come easily, can get her into a state where she is literally begging for my cock. I know just the way to taste touch kiss fuck her...that she loves. And therein lies the real source of my power in this relationship. It would be torturous to L to deny her those pleasures, and I have already used denial of orgasms as a punishment.

Last night I ended up taking L from behind, and aside from her being on top, has become my favorite position. Part of it is the visual component, but the other part is the control aspect. The other night at my place I had collared and leashed L and as I fucked her from behind, used the leash to pull her head back. I came hard last night, and afterwards, as we lay there together, I ran my hands over her body, fingers down to her still wet and hungry pussy, and minutes later, L's hand found my cock which had already become hard again. I was then on top of her, pushing her down into the bed as I plunged inside of her.

It was a very nice date night.

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