Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Writing Assignment

S: Write me something today explaining what you like best about this journey so far...you can talk about the sex, knowing that you are making me happy, finding a new side of yourself, whatever you choose.

L: Arrgggh, Hate writing assignments.

What I like best about the journey so far is the fact that there is no doubt.  Any doubts are taken away the moment I signed the contract (very willingly).  Everyone is plagued by doubts on a daily basis....did I do that right?  Should I wear these pants?  Am I with the right person?  And with my doubts gone....along with most of my choices....I find that so are yours.  You seem so much more in control and not so doubtful about things which in turn makes you more confident and a better partner, person.  Makes me feel complete and whole and no longer doubtful.

What I like second best about the journey so far is the level of communication that is needed.  It's just crazy and I've always been a keep it to myself kind of person....unless I was being critical and that's just bad bad communication right there.  I know I was overcritical most times and with giving myself to you I also trusted you to do what you thought was right and there is no criticizing that.  So I no longer look for flaws in our relationship and am able to communicate better.

What I like best third best about the journey so far is the sex.  You have taken a stronger role in the bedroom knowing that you can and will do anything you want with no objections from me.  Everything turns me on anymore.  You have me begging and I know if I beg I will get slapped but still cannot help myself.  I like that you tell me what you will do and that's that.  You will have anal sex with me sometime over the weekend and I promise to lay as stil as possible and relax and let you do what you will.

Pretty sure I could go on but must work 

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