Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spinning wheels

L and I managed to get away to my place last night for a much needed private session where I tied her down and blindfolded her. There is no better feeling then when we do this and I can gaze down upon her naked bound body as she lies there, powerless to do anything, body trembling with anticipation -- and knowing that she puts her complete trust in me to do so. Huge turn on for both of us.

Last night I introduced her to the Wartenberg Wheel for the first time. Pulling it out of my drawer, I held the wheel to her ear at first and rotated it so she could hear the metallic sound.

"Oh my god," she said, almost breathlessly. "What is THAT?"

I then proceeded to run the wheel all along her body, in between her thighs, around her nipples; paying attention to how she reacted to every movement. I ran the handle up along her moist slit and continued to roll the wheel all along the rest of her. Sometimes I pressed the wheel in harder, other times made it a light touch. All of this was putting L in a frenzy, and it wasn't long until she was begging for me to fuck her. Which I eventually did, but only after teasing her with my cock at first, just putting the tip in and then pulling back out and making her beg for more. I finally gave it all to her and plunged deep inside of her but denied her from having an orgasm at first. I continued the teasing for a period of time and then told her, yes, pet, you may come now.

And she did.

We need more private sessions like the one we had last night. I'm glad that we have this secluded place we can disappear to, away from the kids, where there is no need to stifle our noises, whether it be the sound of my hand striking L's ass, her moans of passion, the headboard slamming against the wall --- where I can have her bound up and at my total mercy. After a lax Mother's Day weekend, it felt good to get back into that sense of control again, and that feeling has carried forward into today.

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