Monday, May 7, 2012

Discipline vs. punishment

Knowing the difference between the two of these, I am finding, is of critical importance to make this work. They are completely different, but, at times, overlapping principles. I'm finding that understanding the two of them, knowing when they are used, and...most importantly...being consistent is key to a successful D/s relationship, and that if it doesn't work, it's not the submissive's fault --- the Dominant is the one with the power and is the trainer/teacher, so he needs to man up to that responsibility, educate himself, and follow thru. It's one thing if the relationship is just sexual in nature and left to BDSM role playing in bed, but quite another if it is ingrained into every aspect of the relationship.

I'm wondering if my boss would grant me annual leave if I told him I needed some time to train myself to be a better Dominant over my pet.

Anyway, I have found this website to be one of the most useful and well written ones to explaining all the various nuances of a D/s relationship. This link, in particular, gives great info. on understanding the differences between discipline and punishment.

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