Sunday, May 6, 2012

Collaring, Part I: The purchase

In many ways, Friday, May 4, 2012 was the wedding day for L and I, at least, as close as we were going to come to a wedding for the time being. That being said, the step we were taking in our relationship was in many ways, at least in our minds, much more powerful than the bond that is created between a couple in a traditional marriage. On this day, L was giving her complete self to me: Heart, body, mind and soul --- to do as I wanted for my own personal pleasure and use the power she was relinquishing me to mold her into a better woman.

Yeah, no pressure there.

I’ll write more about the contract of servitude that we both signed that evening later as that is a tale on its own, but for now, let’s talk about the collaring.

We both thought there needed to be some sort of physical contract to solidify our new relationship, a wearing of a ring of sorts, and as we explored and researched the world of D/s relationships (in the days leading up to our "marriage" work for both of us literally came to a standstill as days in our respective offices were spent pouring through D/s blogs and websites…never before did I utilize the “Clear History” feature on my web browser than I did that week…) both found attraction at the act of collaring. L initially had some concerns with the thought that it might be degrading, but as she read into it (and also after I made her watch a BDSM-themed porno called “Bound”) found the prospects of it too be exciting and became just as eager as me.

Email from L on Thursday, May 3 at 11:30p.m.
I absolutely cannot wait for you to collar me. I plan on being the best for you and will try my best not to screw up....and if I do....which I will...and be punished as I should....I know you will only be doing it out of love and in my/our best interest.
I purchased the collar the night before at the local Petco, and as I perused the section, tried to overlook the fact that I was finding shopping at a local pet store to be an arousing errand. I shared the collar aisle with a young family who were trying on collars on their Labrador puppy while with each collar I picked up, I tried to picture how it would look around the neck of my sweet submissive L. I did not take this endeavor lightly, because it needed to be just right. Just right. Not only the collar, but just as importantly, in my mind, was the leash. I finally found the right combination. 

The collar was black leather, about a 1/2" wide, adorned with raised silver diamonds. I knew without a doubt that I wanted the leash to have a chain, and settled on one with a red strap handle that I realized could serve a dual purpose of not only controlling my new pet, but also to be administered across her ass if need be.
Text exchange between S and L on Thursday, May 3, at 5:15p.m.
S: I’m happy with my purchase.L: If there’s velcro involved I’m taking you out.
S: Watch your tone.
L: I have one last night buddy. Just kidding. I will.
S: Hmm. Ok. One last night.
One of the biggest challenges I was going to have with the taming of L was going to be her mouth. She is a self-professed smart ass of monumental proportions, often times never thinking before opening her mouth or firing off a smarmy email or text message. This inability to think before typing/talking, and, at one point, her anger management issues, has caused problems in our relationship in the past, and with this shift in power and handing control over to me, I knew this was an area that was going to need immediate attention and correction.

I had my work cut out for me.
One last night.

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